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   Chapter 927 The Mysterious Red Dot

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"I, I can't take it anymore!"

As everyone walked quietly, Shane suddenly let out a scream and broke the silence.

In this thick fog, they felt extremely alert and sensitive. Everything around them was depressing. Shane and others were already on the verge of despair.

Fabian, Jarrod and Esther however were still calm. After all, they had passed through the Gate of Samsara and cultivated a high level on their warrior spirit. On the other hand, Shane and the others hadn't entered the Gate of Samsara. Their warrior spirit was far from being stable enough to fight dangerous situations. They lacked confidence to face what was ahead of them and it could be imagined how frightened they felt at the moment.

"If we stop and stay where we are, we'll just die here," Malcom said indifferently. He was not in the mood to care about Shane.

"It's impossible for us to get out of here! We will die at this damned forsaken place!" Shane said with a crazily despaired look on his face.

"Oh? You really think so?" Malcom waved his fists towards Shane, "If you don't shut up I'll send you to hell right now!"

Seeing that Malcom was really going to give a blow, Shane immediately shut his mouth.

In such bad circumstances, it was indeed not a wise choice to speak such depressing words like Shane did. It could very easily break the nerves of others!

At that moment, one of the top-level war lords from the Demon Night suddenly pointed forward and shouted, "Look! What is that?"

Everyone turned to look in the direction he was pointing to and saw a red dot in the distance.

This strange red dot hung in the sky like a rising sun in the morning mist.

The fog that surrounded them was thick enough to block everyone's sights. No one could see anything 1000 feet away. How was the light emitted by that red dot able to penetrate through the layers of fog? Everyone could see it clearly.

Zen raised his head as his eyes flickered with a bright jade-green light. Even his magic vision wasn't able to look through the strange fog. However, when he activated his vision ability, the red dot became a little clearer.

"This light reminds me of the Dark Nether Death Light. Don't you think so?" Zen inquired.

Esther nodded and agreed, "You're right. It's very likely that all of the Dark Nether Death Light in the Dark Nether Cave originated from this red dot shrouded in mist!"

"Which means that after walking for so long we are not getting away from the fog. Instead, we're actually getting closer and closer to the core area. We are actually moving towards the wrong direction — the direction of the core area!" As Fabian drew this conclusion he looked extremely frightened.

Everyone couldn't help but swallow hard in fear. They didn't know what was in the core area, but obviously, they would get easily killed no matter what it was.

"Let's move away from it!" Malcom's eyes lit up as he suggested, "Since we have the red dot as reference, we can move away from it and find our way out! Anyway, it won't be wrong to get away from tha

er only revealed a cold sneer. She knew Yolande's personality and that this girl had always been like this.

"What is the other way if there indeed is one? Can you just say it once and for all?" Malcom said angrily.

Yolande, without caring that they were shouting and getting angrier by the second, slowly explained, "We have to find the array plate that controls the array. Only then will we be able to leave."

"Where is the array plate?" someone asked.

Yolande shook her head, "I've never been to the Dark Nether Cave before, and this is my first time here. I don't know how to find it. But my guess is that it's somewhere in the core area."

"Well, since you've never been in here before, how do you know about these things of the Dark Nether Cave?" Malcom asked as he stared at Yolande with doubtful eyes.

Yolande blinked, lowered her head staring at the floor covered in fog and said, "I won't tell you."

"She keeps acting like this!" someone complained.

Hearing this, Malcom almost went berserk and was about to attack Yolande.

He suppressed the anger rising in his heart, and sighed deeply, "Now let's move on and see where our fates will guide us to! If it's impossible for us to leave here, we'll head straight to the core area. If the luck is on our side, we might even get rare treasures and opportunities there!"

Nobody said a word. Under such circumstances they had no other choice but to follow him.

Resigned to their bad luck they felt calmer and ready to face all kinds of situations ahead. This was the only thing they could do. If they were to end their lives in this place, they could do nothing but give their best shot at fighting it.

The red dot hanging in the sky had now grown to the size of a plate. They began to feel the power of the Dark Nether Death Light growing stronger. Even though the thick fog still surrounded them, the Dark Nether Death Light was able to penetrate through it. It was a life-or-death situation. The ultimate test was to defend their lives from the deadly light.

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