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   Chapter 926 The Maze (Part Two)

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"What is this…"

Needless to say, Shane was terribly confused of what Zen was asking him to do.

"Just do as I say," Zen urged him, giving him a pointed look.

Distractedly turning his back to look at Malcom, Shane gulped once he saw him staring at him with such fierceness. With no other choice, Shane sighed in defeat as he walked over to Zen and the man instantly covered his eyes with the cloth. After blindfolding Shane, Zen then asserted, "Now, move forward."

Under Zen's directive, Shane took his first step forward and hesitantly walked further.

"Go, keep going!"

With Zen constantly urging him from behind, Shane lost his uncertainty little by little and his speed steadily increased as he rapidly strode onward.

A hundred feet easily became two hundred, which reached three hundred in no time at all. Not a long moment after, he had walked over four hundred feet.

The young warrior was already far ahead, and his figure slowly sank into the embrace of the fog, like a stone dropping into a vast lake.

"Where am I? Can I stop now?" he asked, his voice briefly cracking due to him being slightly worried of his surroundings. In reality, Shane was not the type of person to be overly courageous in the face of something he feared. Furthermore, he was currently in the Dark Nether Cave. Who knew whether a demonic beast would suddenly jump out and swallow him in the next moment? As he was temporarily banned from using his sight, he felt his heartbeat rise erratically with the sudden realization that he was alone.

Before Malcom was about to say something as he noticed something strange, Zen stopped him. At the same time, Zen activated his life vitality to talk to Shane directly, "Go, go on! You're very close to the finish line!"

Upon hearing the urgent voice, Shane quickened his pace significantly and rushed forward without hesitation.

From the start of his walk until the end, everyone attentively observed Shane's movements to see if what Zen was spouting was indeed true. Loud gasps were heard from the warriors as they watched Shane walk around in a big circle before finally returning to the starting point, which was beside Zen. Once he stopped, Zen then took the cloth off Shane's face.

The moment Shane opened his eyes and blinked to adjust his vision from the sudden brightness, he immediately saw everyone standing around him. Confusedly tilting his head to one side, he asked them apprehensively, "You…, you have been following me the entire time?"

Everyone shook their heads in den

eculation. Instead, he realized with a start that they had moved sometimes left, sometimes right, sometimes far away, and sometimes unnervingly close.

It was as if they were lost in a special space!

Despite his sudden alarm at what he had just become aware of, Zen did not dare reveal the secret to the others due to the following considerations. Firstly, it was unnecessary for him to divulge it as of now, and secondly, it might even cause more panic and anxiety.

At the present, everyone continued to move forward even more cautiously. It was not just Zen alone who would occasionally drop down and make some marks, but the others soon followed his example.

Without them noticing, five minutes had passed.

Ten minutes later, they still persistently walked forward.

Fifteen minutes later, they were still going at it, to no avail.

Although some of them started to feel tired and worn out, the warriors determinedly strode forward even after two hours had passed.

With their method, it was not long before they reached the four-hour mark.

As time perpetually ticked on and on, everyone's heart, as well as their hope in ever finding a way out, gradually sank to the bottom.

Even though they did use their own methods to leave marks on the ground, it was to their disappointment later on when they eventually found out that the marks they had left were useless as they reappeared disorderly. For example, upon discovering the first mark and expecting to see the second mark next, they all groaned inaudibly as the sixth mark popped out in front of them instead.

In this fog, panic seized their very bones as there seemed to be a massive space maze around them.

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