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   Chapter 925 The Maze (Part One)

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Due to the unexpected appearance of the fog, the two sides temporarily stopped fighting and decided to escape the invasive fog first. However, they still remained a considerable distance with each other, making sure they were completely aware of the movements of their opponents.

After all, they were enemies, not friends.

As of the moment, Malcom had chased them for about thirty miles persistently. However, he was certain of the fact that he had not been there for long since he entered the region surrounded by the fog, as he estimated he only traveled for about four or five miles in total.

Judging by the flying speed of this particular group of warriors, they fathomed that they should be able to return in a few minutes.

Everyone's hearts were seemingly troubled as they all visibly sported identical looks of apprehension--no one was certain enough to quell their doubts about whether or not they could even walk out of the fog.

Five more minutes had passed by, yet they still found themselves still stuck in the thick fog. Glancing at one another with uneasiness, they knew that with their current flying speed, they should have flown dozens of miles in that short period of time. In spite of this, the fog still appeared to have no end in sight even if they felt they were closer and closer to way out. With furrowed eyebrows, they were slightly panicking at the fact that they could not even see any sign that indicated the edge of the hazy fog.

"Damn it! We're done for. It's just like the rumors have said! Once we enter the fog, there will be no turning back…"

a worried expression was painted across Shane's features as he morosely uttered.

"Shut up," Malcom berated. Although he still had the grit to maintain a false sense of calm on the surface, he could not deny the truth that he was a little alarmed and anxious by the way things were going. As a matter of fact, the ogre race was the race who happened to be the most familiar with the Dark Nether Cave. Previously, several races had joined hands to explore and discover what lay beneath the core area of the Dark Nether Cave. Moreover, the number of warriors that the ogre race had specifically sent out was more than that of the others. As not a single soul had returned, the ogre race suffered the mos

In fact, even a small kid could tell something that obvious so Zen's words were undoubtedly a bit confusing to understand.

Sighing once again, Zen gave Shane an indifferent look before walking closer to the offended man. Once he was at arm's length, Zen reached his hand out and tore a piece of cloth from his sleeve. Nodding to the other direction, he said to Shane, "Come here."

"What are you planning to do?"

The man cautiously stared at Zen as he anticipated what he was about to do next.

"Don't worry, I only need you to help me conduct an experiment. I'm not going to fight with you," Zen simply said, crossing his arms against his chest.

Truthfully, Shane did not want to go with him, and it was written all over his face just by the way he doubtfully looked between Malcom and the rest of his companions. If Zen were to suddenly attack him, with the watchful presence of several others by his side, how could he resist then?

However, upon observing Zen's genuine gesture, Malcom seemed to have his mind made up as he promptly ordered, "Shane, go over to him."

Seeing as he could not deliberately refuse Malcom's command, he had no choice but to brace himself and walk up to Zen who was patiently waiting for him.

Raising the strip of cloth in his hand right in front of the hesitant man, Zen looked at Shane directly in his eyes before instructing him carefully, "Now, you don't need to fly. You don't have to use your life vitality or your other special senses. Just try to walk forward by instinct!"

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