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   Chapter 924 The Fog

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Esther looked at Malcom. One after another, waves of life vitality spread out, and hundreds of flowers bloomed, forming a semi-circular domain of protection for everyone within.

It was only after reaching the Soul Sea Realm could one have a domain of his or her own. However, Esther's cultivation method was special, allowing her to create her own "Myriad Flowers Domain."

"You think you will be able to stop me with just these flowers?" Malcom snorted contemptuously. The pair of wings on his back flapped as he took a step forward in the air. A fist shot out and the floral domain was instantly destroyed.

Esther's expression turned grim while a smug smile appeared on Malcom's face. In the past, she was unbeatable, even Maurice wasn't a match for her. But now, she couldn't even withstand a single punch from Malcom.

But she didn't seem too perturbed. With a wave of her hands, more flowers bloomed to protect them. She said calmly, "Malcom, don't you feel the changes around us?"

"Changes?" He squinted his eyes and looked at the fog. Suddenly, he remembered something very important. His expression changed. "This is..."

Just then Rehaan, Shane and the other two members of the Night Group rushed over. Rehaan shouted loudly, "Bad news! Malcom, we seem to have fallen into..."

"Fog..." Malcom completed Rehaan's sentence.

Fog was a very common sight on the Sea God Continent. The weather would become foggy when winter was about to pass and spring was about to come.

But here in the Dark Nether Cave, it was different. There was only one place here that had fog, and that was the core area. Encountering the fog was equivalent to entering the core area.

The reason why the Dark Nether Cave had fog was still an unsolved mystery to the numerous warriors on the Sea God Continent. However, every single warrior in the Tower of Sin was grateful to the fog.

The Dark Nether Cave was filled with Dark Nether Death Light all year round. Except for the monsters inside the Cave, none of the creatures outside could fight the Dark Nether Death Light. No matter how powerful they were, the Dark Nether Death Light would turn them to pus.

It was believed that the Dark Nether Death Light originated from the core area of the Dark Nether Cave. However, every year, for a period of time, fog would rise up from the core area. It was precisely this fog that caused the Dark Nether Death Light to weaken greatly, giving the warriors in the Tower of Sin an opportunity to enter the Dark Nether Cave.

Without this layer of fog, no one on the Sea God Continent would have ever been able to set foot in the Dark Nether Cave.

Although the warriors were grateful for t

m had indeed become very powerful. However, Esther had some trump cards up her sleeve too. If both sides used their full strength, they would definitely fight to the death. The final outcome would be hard to predict.

"She's right. Malcom, let's think of a way to get out of this fog!" Shane said with a hopeful expression. But in his heart, he thought, today was the unluckiest day of his life. If he had known this, he wouldn't have informed Malcom about Zen's whereabouts earlier. He would rather be torn to pieces by the Swallowing Birds and Azure Wolves than die in this damned place.

Malcom took a deep breath. "The fog is only a legend. No one knows what is exactly in it. I don't think we can't leave this place," he said coldly.

Nobody knew much about the fog, and most of what they knew about the fog came from rumors and speculation. It was said that once somebody was trapped in the fog, it was impossible to leave it, but that might not be true.

It was just some fog. Was it really enough to trap so many warriors?

"Let's just agree to disagree for the time being and put aside our differences. We'll talk about it after we leave the fog," Esther suggested.

"That's not a bad idea!"

Shane said with a flattering smile.

Malcom glared at Shane fiercely, causing him to immediately shut up. He then nodded, "Alright! Let's talk after we leave the fog! Let's go back the way we came."

The path they had taken to get there was not complicated. This area was completely barren, without even a small mound of soil. It was extremely desolate.

Two teams of people, one in front and the other behind, carefully made their way back.

The fog had been rather thin a moment ago, but now it was as thick as milk. Everyone's vision was blocked by the blinding fog.

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