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   Chapter 923 The Core Area

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After Malcom had finished speaking, he took a black fruit from his space ring. With a gentle pinch of his fan-like hand, the fruit was instantly crushed.

A black smoke emerged from the fruit and started to swirl around him.

"Five months ago, I said that I'd kill you, Zen! Today, you will surely die here!" The black smoke continued to gather around him and turned into a huge pair of black wings which seemed to have sprouted from his back.

Seeing those large black wings spread out, both Lavender and Yolande frowned at the same time.

"The ogres have actually obtained that guy's inheritance," Lavender said with a cold expression.

Zen could feel that the pair of black wings was extraordinary, but even with his growing experience, he still could not recognize what it was.

"This is the fruit of the Dark Sky Mage," Yolande clarified.

"The Dark Sky Mage?" Zen was stunned.

"It's just that his name was Dark Sky Mage and he was a being similar to a world lord. He possessed the strength of a world lord, but he didn't actually control a world. Probably, he was equivalent to the existence of an independent warrior of the Central Region," Lavender explained.

"What is the use of this fruit?" Zen asked again.

"As you can see, the fruit can greatly increase his strength within a short period of time."

Lavender shook her head and whispered to Zen, "Get ready to run!"

The vision and perceptions of both Lavender and Yolande were far beyond those of Zen, Esther, and the other warriors of the Lower World. At the beginning, Lavender had not proposed that they escape, instead she had determined that both sides still had the strength to fight. Even though Malcom was a war sage, they could still oppose him.

Esther and the other two top-level war lords of the Demon Night were capable of dealing with Rehaan and the three other top-level war lords of the Night Group. What Zen and the others needed to do was stall Malcom. Once Esther and her companions finished off their opponents, they could join forces with Zen and his companions. Malcom would probably not be able to win against them all.

But Lavender hadn't expected that Malcom actually had the fruit of the Dark Sky Mage. In reality, the fruit could not only stimulate the potential of one's body, but could also enable one to use a kind of secret technique. As to whether or not Malcom possessed this secret technique, it would all depend on whether or not the ogres had obtained the complete inheritance of the Dark Sky Mage.

With both hands on the spear, Lavender raised it and thrust it toward Malcom. An invisible and deadly wave was about to pierce through him.

"Go!" Of course, Lavender didn't think for even a moment that her attack would be able to kill Malcom. The only thing she could hope to gain would be time—time for Zen to retreat.

Of course, Zen wouldn't flaunt his true strength at such a critical time. As soon as Lavender finished speaking, he shot backwards like a flying arrow.

On the other hand, Esther was leading the two top-level war lords of the Demon Night to

e presence. As long as Zen didn't die, she wouldn't disappear or perish.

However, she was constantly being destroyed by Malcom and she had to materialize again and again. This was rather energy-consuming. The red light emitted by the sword spirit was dimming. If the energy of the sword spirit was consumed beyond a certain extent, she would only recover after slowly nurturing herself within Zen's body.

The situation now looked bleak for Zen.

Esther, Fabian, Jarrod, and the others were also trying to think of a way to get rid of Malcom. Running away without offering any resistance did not mean that they had given up. For them, being chased by Malcom was also not going to be a good thing.

During the chase, both sides continued to move forward. Ten miles, a hundred miles, two hundred miles...

At this point, everyone slowly realized that something was wrong with the scene ahead of them.

After they had previously entered the inner area, the surrounding scenery had slowly lost its color. But now, the surrounding landscape seemed to have disappeared. Around them there was only black ground now, while the trees, grasses, mountains, and the other things had vanished.

"A fog is rising. The fog is starting to form around the area," Zen suddenly said.

"Fog?" Esther's expression suddenly changed when she heard Zen's words. Even though she had just experienced thirteen cycles of reincarnation, her heart couldn't help but tighten right now.

Fabian and Jarrod looked up, and said in unison, "I don't see any fog..."

Yolande said affirmatively, "There is indeed fog, but it's still very thin!"

"Oh no, I'm afraid... I'm afraid that we've entered the core area!" Esther's face sank, and her body abruptly came to a stop.

As they spoke, the surrounding fog thickened. Even Fabian and the others could see a layer of faint fog slowly floating up. This fog was quickly becoming thick enough to be seen.

As soon as they stopped, Malcom came over to them. At the same time, he said with a sneer, "Why aren't you running anymore?"

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