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   Chapter 922 Block Malcom's Attack

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"A war sage!"

Esther's eyes widened in shock. Judging from the aura emitted from Malcom's body, she figured he had already become a war sage!

Fabian's and Jarrod's faces darkened immediately.

Hadn't the ogres already left the Tower of Sin? How had these two ogres appeared here?

The sudden appearance of these two ogres reminded them of Colin and Neil, who had also suddenly appeared out of nowhere in the Tower of Sin. The ogres had dominated the Tower of Sin for so many years and had grasped some secrets about the tower that no one knew about.

However, as much as all the warriors were surprised, they didn't show any trace of fear on their faces. On the contrary, their breaths were steady and their auras were calm and unperturbed. Even when they were facing a war sage like Malcom, they were surprisingly composed.

Ironically, it was Malcom who was slightly puzzled. A doubtful expression appeared on his face and he became alert at once.

What was wrong with these guys? Why weren't they panicking at all when death was at hand?

He could understand the nonchalant looks on the faces of the two freaks, Lavender and Yolande. Since they were from the Upper World, their dedication to martial arts had taken them to a level that warriors from the Lower World would never be able to measure up to.

For example, Yolande hadn't even considered entering the Gate of Samsara because the cultivation method in the Gate of Samsara was useless to her. She had divided her soul into a million parts so that millions of her avatars could cultivate continuously at the same time. With the experiences she would gain from all these various separate bodies combined, her method of cultivation was countless times more efficient than that of the Gate of Samsara.

But why would Zen and Esther be so calm?

Even the usually timid Fabian and Jarrod, the two top-level war lords of the human race, looked at Malcom with indifferent expressions. What was going on?

Malcom was a little disappointed and upset. He had hidden in the narrow secret passageway under the Tower of Sin for a few months, waiting for this moment to stun them all. He had expected Zen and the rest to either flee in panic or kneel down and beg for mercy the moment he showed up. He'd never expected them to stand calmly without the slightest trace of shock or fear.

After some thought, he sneered. "Do you think you're still in the Tower of Sin? Do you think that Zen still possesses the omnipotent ability to kill anyone?"

When Fabian heard Malcom's words, he calmly said, "Of course we aren't as stupid as you think we are. But since you're here, only a calm mind will help us deal with you."

The thing was, Malcom didn't know that these warriors had just experienced multiple cycles of life and death. They had experienced many different lives in the Gate of Samsara and had gained deep insight on life and death. As a result, they were more strong-willed now. This was the effect of cultivation on the warrior spirit!

If a person's warrior spirit was excitable, it would bring trouble at a critical moment. He wouldn't even be able to bri

endish evil god that was charging straight at Zen. Even though Fabian and Jarrod had gone all out to block it, they couldn't stop it.

Seeing that the saber had gotten enough to touch him, Zen threw a punch.

"Star Shakes the Earth!"

A vortex formed by the starlight instantly engulfed the evil god unleashed by Malcom's strike.


Zen knew the power of his Stellar Body. The force of this punch would be able to kill a war sage who was at the initial level, so it should be enough for him to resist Malcom's saber.

However, something strange happened. Everybody watched in horror as the fierce-looking evil god split into three just as it was about to get sucked into the vortex. Turning into three separate blade energies, it charged toward Zen from three different directions.

"Damn it!"

Zen's face darkened. It was obvious that he had underestimated the strength of a war sage. Or perhaps he had underestimated Malcom's strength!

The ogres must have left Malcom and Rehaan behind as part of a prudent plan when they had left the Tower of Sin. It was true that Malcom had made a breakthrough to become a war sage. But it wasn't as simple as it seemed.

"Huh! Shatter!"

At this time, Lavender thrust her spear out from the side of Zen's body, and the tip of the spear stabbed into a piece of blade energy. With a slight twist of her long spear, the blade energy was shredded into pieces.

At the same time, Yolande started her finger attack, shattering another blade energy.

As for the last blade energy, it was forcefully blocked by Zen's sword, a top-grade sacred weapon.

Malcom was taken aback when he saw that these warriors were able to block his attack. Then, he shook his head. "You're not bad, Zen. You seem to have improved a lot in the past few months and now I have to look at you with new eyes. Perhaps in another year, I will be far from being your opponent. Unfortunately for you, you're still not anywhere near being able to defeat me now. And you won't have any chance to surpass me in the future, because you're going to die today!"

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