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   Chapter 920 Cultivate Warrior Spirit (Part Two)

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The confusion increased. What was Yolande's part in entering the Gate of Samsara? Lavender's words were baffling and didn't seem to make sense.

But Yolande nodded cautiously and said, "You're right. I don't mind letting you in."

"You don't?" Esther stared at Yolande in bewilderment. "You're the owner of the gate?"

Yolande didn't reply, and Lavender didn't seem to have any intention of explaining to them.

However, according to Lavender, this gate was magical and could not be taken away, which was why, despite their doubts, they would not let go of this opportunity to cultivate.

Spirit could only be tempered by warriors' experiences, and it was related to warriors' growing environment and how they saw the world.

For example, a talent who grew up without obstacles was spoken highly of and seldom encountered problems in his training. But his spirit was very fragile, and he was vulnerable to heavy blows. Once he became frustrated, it was very likely that he would never rise again and be a warrior.

But if he could withstand the blows, he would become more mature, tenacious, and confident.

The spirit could be sharpened by repeated attacks, which was inevitable for the growth of warriors.

The opportunity to sharpen the spirit was a matter of chance rather than choice. Even a minor mistake would bring about great negative effects. So it was strange to hear that they could cultivate their spirit.

"I'll go inside first," Fabian said, taking the lead and walking up to the gate.

It was difficult to collect the gate, but there was no prohibition on doing so. Fabian pushed at it lightly and it swung open.

There was a small whirlpool in the middle of the gate, moving slowly anticlockwise.

"Is it dangerous?" The scene worried Fabian, but he knew that caution was important for safety. Yolande and Lavender seemed to know the origin of the gate, but no one knew what danger was waiting for them.

Lavender shook her head. "Not at all. You can go in."

Fabian nodded and continued to walk ahead. As soon as he stepped into the whirlpool, a golden light flashed, in which everyone felt the passage of time.

"It's the Time Law," said Zen, staring at the light.

It was not some low level Time Law that could be ignored, but a high layer one. No one could explain its mystery.

After all, the warriors on the Sea God Continent could only comprehend the first or the second layer of the Time Law. In the Central Region, no one could comprehend the Time Law. Compared with the Space Law, the Time Law was ra

ing on the wall of the Burning Sky Imperial Capital, holding a golden machete and looking into the distance.

"My hands and feet are out of control." He subconsciously wanted to move but failed.

He then involuntarily waved his machete and roared at the front, "My dear generals and soldiers, the Burning Sky Imperial Capital has been destroyed. After I ascend the throne, I'll rule the city with you all!


Beneath the wall, many soldiers in gold armor charged towards the Burning Sky Imperial Capital.

Fire beacons could be seen everywhere within the Imperial Capital and blood was flowing on the ground like water.

As Zen looked around, puzzled, dozens of emerald green lights suddenly rose in the sky before him. The first person to come into view was Aura.

Many martial artists who were at the Internal Elixir Realm stood beside Aura.

"Zen Luo, you traitor! The Burning Sky Palace will kill you no matter what price we may have to pay!"

Aura, along with the martial artists at the Internal Elixir Realm, surrounded Zen like a stream of inescapable light.

Zen laughed wildly. He waved his golden machete and ran ahead to meet the attack. The two sides began to fight fiercely.

Zen was in the body that charged, but he couldn't control what he said or what he did.

He only knew that he had become a traitor to the Burning Sky Empire and was about to usurp the state power. If he defeated the people in front of him, he would be able to rule the empire and become a new emperor in the Eastern Region.

"Is this what happened in the past? Or is it a dream?"

Zen calmly watched the fierce battle in front of him. Like an outsider, he watched the drama unfold.

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