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   Chapter 919 Cultivate Warrior Spirit (Part One)

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Their eyes lit up as Lavender spoke the name of the treasure. If they could collect this treasure, then that would surely mean... Could it be?

Adolph, the owner of this gate, had nature under his thumb, which meant this treasure must undoubtedly be at the sacred level at least. Treasures above this level had never appeared on the Sea God Continent.

However, Lavender's next words doused their hope, as if being drenched in ice cold water. "Don't even think of refining the Gate of Samsara! It's of no use. Leave alone you guys, even Amber won't be able to do it."

"Why?" Fabian asked.

Lavender ignored his question and only said, "Try it and you'll know."

Admittedly, temptation of the Gate of Samsara was too great for everyone, including Fabian. If they could bring the gate back, it would, without a doubt, be the most precious treasure of their clan.

Fabian and Jarrod didn't believe Lavender and walked on towards the gate.

Esther also wanted to give it a try, but Lavender was her queen, and she didn't doubt what Lavender had said. If Lavender said that the gate couldn't be taken away, that was it. Esther contained the impulse to try refining it in her heart.

As Fabian and Jarrod walked towards the gate, they saw that the words on the gate became bigger and bigger.

Each of these words gave out a blinding aura. Only then did they realize that this was precisely why it was extremely difficult to approach the gate.

"It's strange! Really strange!" Fabian exclaimed.

The gate had been standing there for years. The aura of the words written on it was constantly weakening with the passage of time. But it still was frightening. Just a few words, without any visible source of power being poured into them, made it difficult for Fabian and Jarrod to advance.

They couldn't help but wonder about how powerful the owner of the gate was.

It took Fabian and Jarrod quite a few minutes to get close to the gate. They were already sweating profusely as they gasped for breath.

"This gate is so weird!"

"But we're finally here!"

They rested for a while, during which, both of them were preoccupied with their own thoughts. Zen was also here, and the woman who had presented herself as his sword spirit

"Serves you right," Lavender sneered.

Zen put up his hands, as if to indicate people to leave him out. He was not going to get involved in this.

"My Queen, what is the use of this gate if it cannot be taken away?" Esther asked Lavender.

Lavender smiled mysteriously and said, "Although it cannot be taken away, it is very useful to you."

"What? Why?" Zen chipped in.

"As its name, the Gate of Samsara, suggests, one of its most important abilities is to let you experience the endless cycle of birth and suffering and death and rebirth. It can cultivate your warrior spirit," Lavender answered.

"It can cultivate warrior spirit?" Esther, Zen, and the others felt that was rather inconceivable.

"Yes!" Lavender nodded.

Warriors of the Lower World like Zen, Esther, and Fabian felt that the warrior spirit had to be slowly sharpened. They had to constantly take blows, exert themselves, and stabilize their spirit. This was a method for a warrior to temper his spirit, and also a process for a young warrior to mature slowly.

But in the final analysis, the warrior spirit was only a part of their personality. To put it bluntly, it was their spirit. How could they cultivate it? Zen and the others couldn't figure it out at all.

Looking at their disbelieving faces, Lavender said, "In the Upper World, all kinds of cultivation methods are unimaginable. Since the Gate of Samsara is here, I think Yolande wouldn't mind if you enter to cultivate. Am I right, Yolande?"

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