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   Chapter 918 The Gate Of Samsara

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After that, Yolande extended her slender fingers which were pure white like green onions. Her ten fingers continuously danced through the air, and her life vitality was constantly pulled forth, forming one rune after another.

"Those are divine textures!" As Zen looked at the runes forming in her hands, his eyebrows suddenly shot up. He recognized them! These runes were extremely similar to those the cyan dragon had taught him.

"Divine textures aren't unique only to the Genuine Dragon World. Humans can have extremely high attainments in divine textures as well," the cyan dragon replied plainly.

"What on earth is she doing?" Zen asked the cyan dragon.

The cyan dragon had also noticed the runes in Yolande's hands. He said, "If I'm not mistaken, she wants to seal that thing."

"Seal it?" Zen's eyes flickered at this. Yolande continued inscribing divine textures using her life vitality and her nimble fingers only. Would the divine textures work?

"Ho-ho, the origin of the divine textures is even more complex than you can imagine. If you advance into the Upper World in the future, you will naturally be able to explore these things," the cyan dragon replied.

As the number of runes in Yolande's hands increased, the glowing structure of the runes also became more and more complex.

Ten, twenty, thirty, fifty…

When she had command over a hundred runes, she waved her slender hand and the runes fell like rain, quickly flying out behind her.


Yolande commanded in an authoritative tone then.

At her words, the mournful wails behind them stopped.

"She did it?" Zen's eyes flashed hopefully.

After the sound disappeared, Esther also drew in a deep, shuddering breath. It seemed that Yolande had succeeded!

"I've only temporarily sealed it, and only for a short period of time. Let's go," Yolande urged them on.

Her words immediately made everyone's hearts skip a beat. They began to run forward. After running for several dozen miles, they finally stopped. No one dared to risk glancing backward.


Fabian let out a long groan and heaved a sigh. Only now did he find some relief from the pain brought on by the Spiritual Thorn. Although he was still in pain and unable to think clearly, he still knew what had happened just now. He said miserably, "Luckily, Zen, you saved my life."

"Can we look back now?" Esther asked. Not only Esther, but all of the others were still immersed in a gnawing fear.

Yolande nodded and said, "I think we've finally gotten rid of that thing."

Only then did they dare to turn their heads.

As warriors, not one of them was afraid of those powerful monsters. What truly scared them was the unknown things, just like the thing that had been floating behind them. Until now, no one had known what that thing was.

They turn

ite ordinary. There were no inscriptions or any identifying markings on it. It was only a small, single gate like those found in ordinary houses.

"This is the relic?" Fabian asked doubtfully.

"Yes, there should be words hidden on that gate." Esther was still on high alert. She shot out a stream of life vitality towards that gate while cautiously keeping her distance.

Back then, she had brought the members of the Demon Night here. Just as they had figured out the hidden words, they had been attacked by a group of poisonous ghost martens. So they had no choice then but to give up and leave.

After Esther poured her life vitality into the gate, a row of large words appeared on it.

"I am Adolph. I spent my life in fruitless efforts and my dreams shattered here. It's..."

It was obvious that the words on the gate was an epitaph that Adolph had written for himself.

Yolande looked at the gate, lost in thought. Her eyes flickered. As she blinked, her face revealed a brief trace of grief.

Lavender knitted her brows and said in disbelief, "Adolph is dead? Unexpectedly, he too died here!" As she spoke, she turned to look at Yolande with a mysterious expression on her face.

"My Queen, who is Adolph?" Esther asked in a hushed tone.

Lavender smiled faintly and answered, "He was a powerful being whose name could have shaken the entire world. I didn't expect him to die here. What a joke!"

Hearing Lavender's words, Yolande lightly bit her lips but didn't say anything.

"This gate should then be a treasure left behind by Adolph, right?" Esther asked again.

"Yes, indeed. This is his life's treasure, the Gate of Samsara!" Lavender said in her usual deadpan voice. In fact, she was as experienced as Yolande. However, the secrets of the Dark Nether Cave had originated from the human race, so she certainly didn't know them as well as Yolande did.

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