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   Chapter 917 Stopping Fabian

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The terrifying voice sent a chill down the warriors' spines.

The warriors couldn't help but want to turn around. They didn't want to turn their backs to their enemy, and this was the only thing in their minds.

However, just as they were about to turn around, Yolande looked on straight ahead, saying coldly, "Don't turn your heads around! Those who do will die!"

Hearing Yolande's warning, Zen, who was about to look over his shoulder, immediately turned to look forward.

Esther, Fabian, Jarrod, and the others did not turn around either, but one of the top-level war lords of the Demon Night had already whirled to get a glimpse of the thing behind them!

Even though the rest of them did not turn their heads, they could see the expression on the top-level war lord's face.

The war lord's eyes widened, unflinching, as if he had seen something inconceivable. Astonishment was written all over his face. The war lord wanted to scream, but when he opened his mouth, he found he couldn't do so. Only a faint noise escaped his throat.

Top-level war lords were creatures that had progressed through every stage of their lives and encountered possible deaths. What had these creatures not seen before? They had seen countless corpses and killed a great number of beings. They had defeated and killed numerous warriors before they could become the powerful war lords that they were.

However, in that instant, this particular top-level war lord looked scared out of his wits.

A low whine left his mouth, and very quickly, a strange smile appeared on his face. His eyes started to look glassy, losing their vibrance.


All too soon, a crack could be seen on the war lord's forehead. It progressively extended downward and very soon, his entire face, as well as the rest of his body, was covered in cracks. He looked like a piece of broken, glazed tile.

Then his body collapsed with a loud sound, the clothes he wore still neat and undamaged.

Watching the war lord keel over, Fabian grew frightened and helpless. "What the hell is it behind us?"

Zen frowned deeply, the creases of his eyes contracting with caution. His mind was stable and strong, but he still felt he was under a lot of pressure.

"I don't know. Yolande, what should we do now?" Zen asked her.

"Don't look back! Don't turn around, no matter what happens!" Yolande whispered in a warning, seemingly immersed in a strange state.

Even without Yolande's warning, no one would have dared to turn around now. The top-level war lord of the Demon Night was not weak. Indeed, he was much stronger than Fab

the ground, hugged his head as he screamed. He didn't get the chance to turn his head and look at the thing behind him.

Suddenly, Yolande seemed to slowly come to her senses. Biting her lip, she said, "That thing is coming over. It's going to be in front of us."

"What should we do?" Jarrod asked in a hurry.

"Run," Yolande said shortly.

"Where do we run?" Esther asked.

"Run ahead. Just remember, don't turn around," Yolande said, pursing her lips.

"When do we run?" Zen asked as he looked sideways at the tentacles continuously encircling him.

"Now. Let's go!"

Before she could even finish speaking, Yolande had rushed forward.

At the same time, Jarrod, Esther, and the other top-level war lords ran after her. The moment Zen took to his heels, he darted toward Fabian. Reaching out to grab Fabian's collar, he intended to drag him along.

Fabian's soul had been pierced by Zen. All he felt was a sharp pain and was unable to acknowledge the situation he was in. Zen couldn't just leave him alone here to die. Fortunately, he was strong enough to take Fabian along with him.

As they ran, the sound behind them suddenly turned shrill.


They could hear the thing following them and moving rather quickly.

Everyone had calmed down a bit by now. They thought that as long as they didn't turn around, they wouldn't die miserable deaths. However, if they continued to run like this, how could they rid themselves of that thing?

"What should we do now, Yolande?" Zen shouted over.

Yolande was ten feet above the ground and sprinting wholeheartedly. "Wait for me to handle it!" she replied back.

"How long do we have to wait?" Esther asked her.

Yolande just said, "I don't know."

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