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   Chapter 916 The Crying

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The Swallowing Birds and the Azure Wolves were the most common monsters ever living in the Dark Nether Cave. In addition, there were also other monsters such as the Black Agouti, a fearsome rodent-sized beast which could gnaw a warrior to death in mere moments. They were only some of the demonic beasts living in the bottom level of the cave.

In the very beginning, the ogres had controlled the entire Tower of Sin. Although other races were allowed to visit the top of the tower occasionally, they were strictly prohibited from entering the Dark Nether Cave.

The ogres had acquired many different types of resources from the Dark Nether Cave, and used them to gain glories on the Sea God Continent.

If it weren't for Amber's astonishing talent, no one on the Sea God Continent would have been able to confront the ogres.

However, the ogres had also sacrificed a lot in their explorations of the cave. As a result, they had developed many methods, such as the flame-controlling scale, to cope with the Swallowing Birds and the Azure Wolves.

The flame-controlling scale was only a medium-grade sacred weapon and not very effective in defending its owner from enemy attacks. However, when the ogres had realized that the Swallowing Birds and the Azure Wolves were afraid of flames, they had asked their weapon refiners to forge this weapon.

Rehaan held the flame-controlling scale in his hand, and a trace of forceful energy was applied into one end of the scale. Instantly, light blue flames crackled and shot forth from the other side of the scale, and a few moments later half of the sky was shrouded in flames.

The Swallowing Birds quacked madly, though a note of panic had entered their avian voices.

At the same time, the Azure Wolves' howls had turned into yelps of fear.

When the beasts saw the light blue flames, they grew nervous and slacked in their attacks.

"Go, go, go!"

At Malcom's order, Rehaan held the flame-controlling scale in his hand and transformed himself into a streak of light, flying towards the crowd of demonic creatures.

The light blue flames followed Rehaan's path and spread forward quickly. He now resembled a comet streaking right at the monsters.

The Swallowing Birds quacked nervously.

As the flames approached, the birds seemed to have seen their mortal nemesis. In the chaos, they scattered in all directions. At the same time, the Azure Wolves that had surrounded the three members of the Night Group also retreated quickly with deep whimpering sounds.

With the flame-controlling scale, Rehaan could easily dispel their enemies.

Looking at the three columns of smoke, Rehaan grinned fiendishly, "You can come out now, Shane!"

As the smoke dissipated, the figures of Shane and the other two top-level war lords slowly appeared.

"Rehaan, thank you..."

Before Shane had finished speaking, Rehaan's big fist had already planted a massive blow against his jaw.

The Night Group did not excel at fist-fighting. Even though Shane ranke


With the outbreak of the Tide of Chaos, those monsters should have been more restless and they should have attacked anybody who dared to enter their territories.

But today, the entire area was deathly silent, and the silence was unnerving.

"This sinister silence is really annoying!" Fabian clenched his teeth, trying to restrain his urge to scream. Although he knew that making too much noise in the inner area was unwise and suicidal, the eerie silence there was also very depressing! It felt as if something was just about to go wrong, and the sensation did not go away.

Just as everyone was following Zen inside, he suddenly stopped, and cocked his ears as he asked, "Did anyone hear something?"

"Hear what?" a top-level Demon Night war lord asked nervously.

"Sobbing! The crying of a woman," Zen said calmly.

"No!" Fabian felt the hair on the back of his neck standing on end. "Zen, don't be so suspicious!"

Jarrod also shook his head. "Zen, stop scaring me! Damn, I'd rather fight against those monsters than wander around in this gloomy place!"

However, Yolande nodded, blinked her pale eyes and said, "I heard it too."

"Really, you heard that?" Fabian was dumbfounded.

Esther's facial expression became increasingly solemn, and from her slender fingers she released a stream of life vitality, which then poured into her ears. Suddenly, Esther's expression changed and she said in a whisper, "I heard it too!"

"What is it?" Fabian asked fearfully.

"I don't know." Although Esther entered the inner area three years ago, she had never heard of such a sound before.

"It doesn't matter what it is. We shouldn't linger here any longer. Let's go!" Jarrod said with a trembling tone of voice.

Meanwhile, the crying sounds had suddenly become louder! Now everyone could hear it! A voice that sounded like the weeping of a grieving woman came from behind them. That cry seemed to be filled with grievances and it was whispering something terribly wrong at them.

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