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   Chapter 915 The Life-saving Straw (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-08-12 00:22

"How would I know?"

"Who is going to lure these damn demonic beasts away?"

In the thick smoke, the three constantly used some of their life vitality to communicate with each other.

Just as the three of them were panicking, two rays of bright light suddenly appeared, coming from the path they were travelling along. One was black and the other red. When the rays of light came closer, they could see that they were two mountain-like figures.

The three of them were stunned for a moment. Then, one of the Night Group top-level war lords said, "I… I think we could be saved!"

"It's Malcom! They are coming!" the other Night Group top-level war lords also exclaimed.

"Haven't the ogres already been expelled from the Tower of Sin? They really can enter the Dark Nether Cave."

The ogres hadn't shared their secrets concerning the secret passageway under the Tower of Sin with the Night Group. It was impossible for them to share such an important secret with other races, even if the Night Group was their vassal.

In fact, in order to achieve their secret goal, the ogre race had only issued an order to Shane, asking him to report back to Malcom through message rune as soon as he discovered Zen's whereabouts in the Dark Nether Cave.

Receiving the order, Shane had been puzzled for a long time. He had thought that the ogres would give him an order to assassinate Zen. He hadn't expected that what he would receive was an order that simply required him to report on Zen's movements to Malcom. After all, what was the use of reporting Zen's movements to Malcom? Could it be that Malcom could actually enter the Dark Nether Cave by some other means?

Or was Malcom hiding in the Dark Nether Cave all this time?

These questions had puzzled Shane f

hoping that he could save them. Seeing that he had suddenly stopped there, but made no move, he immediately realized that Malcom did not plan to save the three of them. Shane quickly sent a message to Malcom though his life vitality, "They have rushed into the inner circle! But I have left markers on their bodies, so that we can track them!"

Of course, Shane wouldn't simply tell Malcom where Zen was. If he did, he would then have nothing with which to convince Malcom to save him.

"This old fox, he doesn't want to tell us!" Rehaan laughed sinisterly.

Malcom shook his head and said, "It is only survival instinct. Shane thinks that we are his life-saving straw. So he will not easily let us go. If we want to know where Zen is, then these three must be saved. Take out the flame-controlling scale that the Flaming Ogre Sacred Place has given us."

Rehaan nodded and immediately took out a small golden scale. The ogre race had dominated the Tower of Sin for a long time, so they were more familiar with the Dark Nether Cave than the other races. The flame-controlling scale was a mighty weapon and might be potent enough to deal with the assembled demonic beasts.

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