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   Chapter 914 The Life-saving Straw (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-08-12 00:12

Even if the Tide of Chaos had not erupted, Fabian and Esther would still have gone all out to stop them.

However with the outbreak of the Tide of Chaos, everything in the inner circle had now changed. They were sure to die if they recklessly entered the inner circle now.

Seeing Fabian stand in his way, Zen looked on helplessly. Fabian was not Zen and he did not understand what he was thinking. Moreover, Zen had no intention of sharing his secret with anyone.

"Please get out of my way, I have something very important to do," Zen said calmly.

Jarrod also barred Zen's way to stop him. "Zen, you're very important to our Purple Heart Sacred Place. We simply can't let you go forward any further. You will die!"

"Really?" A faint smile appeared on Zen's face. "But what if I have more important things to do? Do you mean that I should give up on myself just because I am important to your Purple Heart Sacred Place?" Zen looked intently at them until they had to look away shamefaced.

"This... Why would you have to give up on yourself?" Jarrod asked in puzzlement.

Zen shook his head, as there was no way in which he could explain, and said, "I don't need you to come with me. I'll go by myself!"

Lavender also looked questioningly at Esther who was kneeling on the ground. She lowered her head and asked, "What are you doing?"

"My queen, the inner circle is not a place you can safely enter now. You'd better stay here and wait for the demonic beasts to retreat, and then we can leave here," Esther said as she lowered her head.

Lavender was the supreme queen in Esther's heart. Technically, Lavender was very powerful and there was no need for Esther to worry about her safety. However, Esther also understood that something had been ha

process over and over again!

Unfortunately, although they were able to survive for the time being using this technique, the demonic beasts were still lingering around them. They were still in a dangerous situation with the demonic beasts circling around them every time they materialized.

Moving in this way was proving extremely inefficient. It would be almost impossible for them to reach the Tower of Sin in such a tedious way. Even if they wanted to continue like this, there was not enough time for them. Furthermore the life vitality crystals were far from enough to sustain their escape method!

Though they had a great number of supreme life vitality crystals with them, these would be used up eventually. Every time that they used one then there would be one less left. Just in a short period of time, each of them had used up half of their life vitality crystals in order to cover a small distance indeed. If this continued, then it wouldn't be long before they were left stranded and would be swallowed up by these beasts!

"What should we do, brother!" one of the Night Group top-level war lords asked as they traveled in their temporary incorporeal forms.

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