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   Chapter 913 Zen's Decision

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The outbreak of the Tide of Chaos this time was an opportunity for Esther. However, the route she had planned was for the outer area of Dark Nether Cave.

She wanted to explore new places that she thought would lead to great opportunities. Those places were originally inaccessible, but then, a path opened to these places after the Tide of Chaos arrived.

On the other hand, Fabian had the same thoughts.

Even without the Tide of Chaos, being fully prepared to enter the inner area wasn't even something to think about at all, for the chances of survival in the inner area were simply too low.

The danger level inside it even went worse now that the Tide of Chaos arrived. No one dared to enter the inner area nowadays.

"Then let's enter the inner area," Zen said in a serious tone, blinking his eyes.

"Entering the inner area now is courting death!" Fabian replied.

Zen looked at the dense mass of monsters behind them and then gazed at the two Purgatory Fire Snakes that were coiling not far away. He shrugged his shoulders and said, "Staying here is courting death too."

That made everyone upset. Only the strange women, Lavender and Yolande, were able to retain their calm expressions.

Zen was actually right. Behind them was an overwhelming number of Swallowing Birds and Azure Wolves. There was no doubt that these monsters could tear them to shreds. The two Purgatory Fire Snakes there didn't look as powerful as the birds and wolves. However, it was also clear to Esther and Fabian that passing through those two snakes would not be safe.

Nonetheless, they had no choice.

"Let's enter the inner area!" Esther immediately said in a stern voice after hesitating for a while.

All of the top-level war lords present had grown up from killing and were very decisive at critical situations. Moreover, making a choice at this moment wasn't even that hard. There was no other safer choice but to enter the inner area. Escaping would be futile for them if they delayed their decisions any longer.

The moment Esther's voice faded, everyone chose the right path and sprinted forward.

The Swallowing Birds and Azure Wolves were getting closer and closer to them.

"Speed up!"

All of them sprinted towards the inner area with all their might.

"They are coming!"

someone exclaimed in terror. The thousands of Swallowing Birds were now hovering over them and began diving sharply.


One of the war lords of Demon Night was drowned out by the Swallowing Birds and his miserable cries instantly stopped.

The scene magnified everyone's terror to the extent that their hairs stood! They sped up their paces as much as they could.

"We can't do this! I don't think we'll be able to break into the inner area," Fabian complained.

"We are so close! Let's

uch a long time and all this while, this butterfly just remained staying there quietly with no reaction.

It was only after he got into this place that the Jade Butterfly moved and worse, flared! From the looks of it, it seemed that the inheritance Immortal Mist had talked about was here in this place—the inner area.

Fabian and the others were planning to stay there. They had decided to go back through the same route they used to come in. Obviously, none of them had any intention of exploring the inner area.

Zen actually agreed with their judgment. There was nothing more valuable for a warrior than his life after all. Everything would be nonsense if they lost their lives.

Nonetheless, he had never expected the Jade Butterfly to react to this place. Thus, he had no choice but to reconsider his thoughts. He was compelled to explore the inner area.

Logically speaking, it wasn't a problem if Zen would enter the Dark Nether Cave again next year. A year should be enough for him to become a top-level war lord. His Stellar Body would have probably matured by that time. More so, with the power of the Transcendent Divine Might, he might even be able to fight against a war sage.

He would be more confident about entering the Dark Nether Cave by then.

It was just that Zen knew that he didn't have much time left.

"You guys stay here." Zen shot a glance at Esther and Fabian. "I want to continue exploring the inner area."

With a flick of her spear, Lavender silently followed behind Zen. Yolande also followed them without saying a word.

On the other hand, Fabian and Esther were instantly worried about what they heard. They quickly sprinted before Zen and blocked him. "Zen, no matter what, I won't let you continue to barge in!" Fabian said firmly.

Esther then knelt on one knee and said to Lavender, "Queen, please think twice!"

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