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   Chapter 912 The Purgatory Fire Snake

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The air was tense. Everyone moved slowly and did not even dare to breathe too loudly as they crossed the Bloody Pass.

There were two kinds of monsters that lived on each side of the Bloody Pass. They did not get in the way of each other and normally would not cross the border. It was because of these two kinds of monsters that crossing the Bloody Pass was extremely dangerous, but as long as people paid attention, it would be alright.

This was not the first time Fabian and Esther came to this place. The two of them had crossed the Bloody Pass many times unscathed because neither of them was stupid enough to alert the monsters that lived there.

Of course, that was the case with them. It was more difficult to cross safely when you had a couple of idiots with you such as the members of the Night Group.

"If we can return to the Tower of Sin, we will expel the entire Night Group!" Esther vowed through gritted teeth. "Run faster!"

Zen hadn't expelled the Night Group from the tower though he knew it would be a piece of cake since they had lost the ogres' protection. It was primarily due to the fact that Zen did not want to risk offending other races and end up giving the ogres more allies. Nonetheless, it couldn't be denied that the Night Group was in a very precarious situation in the Tower of Sin.

The crowd did not have any time to think about anything else as they ran across the Bloody Pass.

Only the top-level war lord of the Night Group that had been attacked by Lavender remained as he trembled on the ground. His eyes were filled with confusion. Why did that woman dare to make a move? Was she not afraid of catching the attention of the monsters?

The top-level war lords of the Night Group were all up to no good and had secretly informed Malcom of Zen's position. The plan was for the ogres to eliminate Zen and turn the tides around. As long as the ogres regained their control of the tower, then the Night Group would surely get a share of the benefits.

Of course, that was the main goal while fishing up benefits in the Dark Nether Cave was a secondary initiative. The Moon Shadow Begonia was an excellent opportunity and they did not really think that these guys would actually dare to start a fight in such a place.

He had not expected that the woman armed with the long spear would actually kill him so suddenly without even considering the severity of the matter. He wasn't normally that weak since he was a top-level war lord of the Night Group that was famous for his top-notch body movements.

Lavender just really took him by surprise.

The moment he scr

snakes. They weren't too big and could not even be called pythons. In his eyes, they were just ordinary reptiles.

However, Esther and Fabian did not share his sentiments.

"Holy crap! We're doomed!"

"What should we do?"

The two of them shouted at the same time.

"What's wrong?" Zen asked curiously.

"Purgatory Fire Snake…"

"They're the most powerful monsters in the inner area! Why are they here in the outer area now?"

"Seventeen top-level war lords of the Giants were killed in an instant by these two little snakes. Only one of them had been able to escape by using a secret technique to preserve his soul!"

Though the Dark Nether Cave was usually chaotic when the Tide of Chaos broke out, the monsters in the inner area would rarely come out to the outer area.

Though the inner and outer areas were not separated by that much distance, the monsters that resided in the inner area never ventured out of their domain. It was just some kind of unspoken rule.

It had always been that way which was the reason why many top-level war lords dared to enter the Dark Nether Cave and even brought some war generals along for the experience.

They were now faced with a big problem. The difference in strength between the monsters of the outer and inner areas was tremendous. Just how would they be able to push forward with the strongest monsters of the inner area standing in the way?

Zen's expression darkened at their words. He did not expect that two little snakes would be so fearsome.

"Is there another way?" he asked, pointing at the path to his right.

"No way!"

both Esther and Fabian protested at the same time.

Zen raised an eyebrow. "But why?"

"That's the way towards the inner area!"

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