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   Chapter 911 Scrambling For A Plant

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The Dark Nether Cave was illuminated by the Dark Nether Death Light all year round. To be able to grow under such harsh conditions, creatures that reproduced there must be stronger than those creatures outside the cave. It was an endless battle for the survival of the fittest.

The grass surrounding some areas of the cave seemed to have a unique way of existing on the grounds. After being stomped on by countless footsteps, they immediately swayed back like nothing happened. They even had blade-like leaves, almost as if to defend themselves from other creatures' attacks. The grass leaves were thin enough to cut an ordinary mysterious weapon. If one wasn't careful enough, they could cause serious injuries.

If ordinary and powerless creatures graced through these grasses, they could die. They could bleed to death even before they managed to get out.

This sort of danger didn't alarm the top-level war lords. The harm that the grass could cause could never penetrate through their protective life vitality.

Gracefully moving forward, Esther led the way.

Following right behind her was Zen and the others.

A few of the Night Group members hid their breaths and swiftly moved around like ghosts.

"What we see right before us is the Bloody Pass. Everyone, please remove all of your life vitality and forceful energy and do not make any sound," Esther said softly.

"The Bloody Pass?" From afar, Zen was able to make out two small mountains, forming a specific angle. A path could be seen between them, which was the so-called Bloody Pass. It baffled them all however, why they had to take off their protection techniques.

"There are two powerful monster lairs on the two sides of the Bloody Pass. One is the Azure Wolf, and the other is the Swallowing Bird, the strange bird we saw before. While passing through, we must completely be silent. Even the sound of our breaths can put us in danger," Fabian said, after which he took out a cloak from his space ring and covered himself with it.

Despite the inability to understand the entire point of such action, the rest of the party did the same and then covered themselves with their cloaks.

Unlike Zen, everyone else didn't have the capability to resist the effects of the red light. The Dark Nether Death Light had indeed weakened, but its power could cause extreme discomfort to the victim. Not being able to avoid it would be like being pricked by a thousand needles. The cloaks were certainly essential as they could block the light.

When they knew they were all ready, all of them held their breaths and began walking forward.

A deafening silence embraced the surroundings. The four top-level war lords from the Night Group moved like the wind. None of them made any sound at all.

The other war lords, as well as Esther, kept moving slowly.

As they got closer to the Bloody Pass, they became more alert. From a distance, faint sounds coming from the Swallowing Birds could be heard. This meant that th

e angry warriors surrounding her. Her moves were so quick and accurate that the tip of her long spear was able to obtain the plant in just a blink of an eye.

A cold smile played on her face. Victory. Turning her back against them, she flew over to Zen.

It angered all the four top-level Night Group war lords. One of them, making sure to speak in a low voice, said, "Give it back!"

"What makes you think you have the right to take it?" Lavender retorted, lowering her voice as well.

"If you don't hand it back, we will call out for the Azure Wolves!" one of the rage-filled war lords of the Night Group exclaimed, grinding his teeth.

As the Demon Night queen, Lavender was not affected by the others' threats. "Do it then, if you dare." Possessing such strength and magic, Lavender refused to give in.

Meanwhile, Esther and Fabian were starting to get annoyed. Those shady Night Group members should've not been there in the first place. They were all so well-behaved earlier. Now, they were acting like a bunch of animals fighting over a piece of meat.

Staring at the tip of Lavender's spear, one of the war lords noticed that the Moon Shadow Begonia still released a glow. This caused the warrior to charge directly towards Lavender, not caring about the other dangers of the mountains anymore.

"Catch this," Lavender shook her long spear and tossed the plant to Zen. She began to rotate her weapon in her hands. Without looking, she was able to stab the figure behind her.

Even if Zen were to fight that war lord, he wouldn't stand a chance. As for Lavender, she did it without even taking a glance. It was a precise strike.

Realizing that he was stabbed, the top-level war lord of the Night Group trembled in disbelief. How could he not have dodged that attack?

As he fell down, this particular war lord let out a piercing cry. Some of it was out of pain, and some was to spite the beasts.

Hearing the sounds he was making, everyone was paralyzed with fear.

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