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   Chapter 910 The War Sage Malcom

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It was unavoidable that Fabian and the others felt envious of Lavender when Esther gave the Black Nether Beads to her. However, since Lavender was the queen of Demon Night, their jealousy was pretty much displaced.

While Zen put away the two Black Nether Beads in his space ring, Esther knelt down in front of Lavender. "My queen, the Tide of Chaos in the Dark Nether Cave will make this place extremely dangerous. Please return to the Tower of Sin!"

Esther had originally wanted to tell her queen that everything they would obtain in the Dark Nether Cave would be offered to her. But now, she restrained herself from doing so. Fabian would've no doubt already warned Zen about the Tide of Chaos and must've also tried to persuade him to return. The fact that Zen was still here made it obvious that both he and Lavender insisted to stay.

It was the second time someone had tried to persuade Lavender to return to the Tower of Sin. Though it was for her own good, as well as for Zen's good, Lavender's face still darkened in displeasure from Esther's words.

Lavender knew that Zen was definitely not going to give up such a good chance to explore the Dark Nether Cave. Since he was the one who had made it possible for her to regain her throne, she felt immensely displeased upon hearing Esther's words that could effectively dampen the young man's enthusiasm.

"I won't go back," Lavender stated coldly.

The queen's coldness made Esther's heart tremble. Knowing that her advice had been deemed useless, she immediately stood up. "Since that is the case, I humbly beg you to allow us to stay and explore the Dark Nether Cave with you."

"That is a good suggestion!" Fabian exclaimed with great joy. Esther, after all, was the most powerful top-level war lord in the Tower of Sin. Back on the tenth floor, Esther's name had managed to climb all the way up to the fourth row on the Talent Tablet. Now, with the strength of a top-level war lord, she was probably not much weaker than any common war sage. Fabian would feel more assured if she joined their party.

Several days ago, Zen's decision to follow the human war lords into the Dark Nether Cave had worried Esther greatly. She had even gone as far as to invite Zen to follow the Demon Night instead. Lavender was still a sword spirit who relied on Zen's body to exist. If Zen died, so would Lavender. In the end, everything was all for the Demon Night Queen.

Unfortunately, her offer was immediately turned down by Zen.

Now, with the threat of great danger looming overhead, Esther had chosen to stay by Lavender's side to protect her.

Both Esther and Fabian hurriedly took out their maps with the intent of choosing a relatively easy route to explore.

Yolande stood idle on the side while the two put their heads together to strategize. Suddenly though, her relaxed pose stiffened as she quickly turned around and pointed her slender finger into the darkness.



Four people walked out from the forest and the one leading them wore an

ir cultivation level, in truth, it wasn't easy for them to break through and become a war sage. Moreover, Malcolm had experienced a life and death crisis on his ascension!

The secret passageway was large enough to fit a couple of humans or Demon Night members but it was too small for the ogres. Dealing with a life and death crisis in such a narrow space was extremely agonizing and Malcom almost didn't make it!

However, in the end, he managed to push through! Rehaan hadn't broken through yet but Malcom's current strength would be enough for them to kill Zen.

"Shane has sent news," Rehaan reported. "They've found Zen."

Malcom nodded at this new information and said, "Okay." Previously, Malcom had ranked lower than Rehaan but his recent breakthrough had switched their positions.

"I've been stuck in this place for months. Now, I can finally leave," Malcom said as he came out of the other side and went into the Dark Nether Cave.

Rehaan followed closely behind him. "I really wonder how Colin and Neil got through this," he said as he stretched out his body. "That place is suffocating!"

Malcom grunted, "Let's go. The humans are able to play in the tower for a few months but it's time for us ogres to take everything back," he said, cracking his knuckles. "It's time to eliminate Zen."

As the controller of the Tower of Sin, Zen had no doubt become a star. The ogres couldn't really directly confront him. However, they couldn't just sit idly by. They had a plan.

Now that Zen ventured outside the confines of the tower and into the Dark Nether Cave, they would now be able to stand a chance against him. Malcom's recent breakthrough was also a plus. So long as they killed Zen, the ogres would be able to return and take back their glory.

When that happened, all the seats that were taken from them by the humans and the Demon Night shall be returned rightfully to them.

No matter what, none of the other races could cultivate a war sage in the Tower of Sin, but the ogres could!

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