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   Chapter 909 Black Nether Bead

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The outer area of the Dark Nether Cave had always been dangerous to anyone who dared to delve into its depths. Zen was well aware that a lot of people who once entered never made it out.

Both Fabian and Jarrod didn't have the intention of going inside the cave from the beginning. It was far too dangerous and the chances of getting out alive were slim.

It took an intensive and advanced preparation for the warriors to be all set for their entry into the inner area of the cave.

However, years of preparation didn't mean a guarantee. A lot of warriors, most of the top-level war lords, had faced their demise in the said cave.

It was also believed that numerous resources could be found in the inner layer. Those who were lucky enough to return brought with them enormous gifts from the cave. That was why countless warriors took the risk.

While the others aimed for the inner layer of the cave, Zen, being the confident warrior, wanted to go into the core area.

That part of the cave was a totally different story. None of the few who dared explore that particular area was able to return. It was basically a death trap.

As written on the map, the outer layer of the cave was marked with a lot of threatening areas. The inner layer had lesser. The depths of the cave was somewhat still a mystery. For whatever it was worth, not a single soul had lived to tell stories about it.

As for the core of the cave, the map had almost nothing to offer the seekers of wealth. It was completely blank, apart from vague directions, and had no markings of any sort. Not that it needed to be marked, as everyone knew it was deadly.

"Zen, are you… Are you joking?" Fabian uttered, looking at Zen with a deep concern written all over his face.

Zen chuckled and responded, "Just take it as a joke if you will."

When Mist passed the token to Zen and asked him to obtain the inheritance, he wasn't able to explain the matter clearly. Having not entered the cave yet, Mist didn't exactly have all the information with regards to the whereabouts of the inheritance. All he knew was that it was somewhere inside the cave. Mist told Zen that the Jade Butterfly would light up when he was closer to the item.

Despite his carefree attitude, Zen was not of the reckless sort. He knew all too well that he was risking his life.

At that moment, the Jade Butterfly stayed still. Deciding that he'd explore the outer layer of the cave first, Zen would enter the inner layer next if the inheritance was still nowhere to be found.

Knowing that the

ent drove other vicious monsters away to other places. During that particular time, most warriors had the chance to explore some more.

However, the dangers were also greater than before. Due to her outstanding cultivation, Esther dared to enter such places. Earlier, Esther, along with a few Demon Night members, had obtained several Black Nether Beads.

The said beads were of paramount importance. Each of them equaled to a middle-grade sacred weapon. Obtaining them, Esther had paid quite a heavy price. Two top-level war lords of the Demon Night had perished.

"My Queen, these two Black Nether Beads were obtained by us. Please accept them." Esther respectfully walked up to Lavender and presented the two beads to her.

Reaching the highest level of cultivation, Lavender's soul, even just one of the many, was abnormally strong. The small part of her soul was still far stronger than many warriors from the Lower World.

For that reason, it was almost impossible to nourish her soul some more. All the pills and techniques for nourishment had no effect on her at all. Even if Lavender entered the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place and absorbed the life power of the entire holy tree, changes would be slight.

Labeled as treasures from the Upper World, the Black Nether Beads were used to repair damaged souls. Lavender knew that she could put those items into good use. Nodding her head to Esther's gesture, she let Zen keep the beads for her.

It was the greatest of all honors for Esther and the rest of the Demon Night members that Lavender accepted her offer. The Black Nether Beads could come in handy if Esther needed them, but they were absolutely not as important as Lavender.

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