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   Chapter 908 Zen's Goal (Part Two)

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When he heard Zen's response, Fabian quickly knew that it would be a difficult decision for him to make.

To put it bluntly, all of the top-level war lords here including Fabian himself weren't as important as Zen alone!

The Purple Heart Sacred Place was actually relying on Zen to control the Tower of Sin. Even if all of the top-level war lords they were with died in this cave, the Purple Heart Sacred Place would be able to train more top-level war lords in the future, so they basically were unimportant characters. However, without Zen, the status of the human race would be restored to their former position.

The reason why the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place of the Demon Night race had allied with the Purple Heart Sacred Place was also because of Zen's sword spirit, Lavender. To put it bluntly, it was still for Zen's sake. After all, there was no need for a seventh grade sacred place to ally with the Purple Heart Sacred Place, which just qualified to be regarded as a sixth grade sacred place.

Fabian was not the only one to think of such things. Many other top-level war lords had the same thoughts. However, they were also aware how difficult it would be to further explore the cave.

"The Dark Nether Cave is too dangerous to be in this time. I suspect that the Tide of Chaos has broken out. Why don't we make the wiser choice and just retreat this time?" Fabian wasn't ready to give up. In his mind, he knew that he would be able to persuade Zen to go back.

"Tide of Chaos?" Zen asked doubtfully.

"Yes, but that is just my speculation. It is said that the Tide of Chaos would erupt in this cave once every ten year

lords left with the war generals, Fabian turned to Zen and said, "Well, now that we have chosen to stay, we will accompany you as far as possible! Zen, the thing that you want to obtain after entering this Dark Nether Cave must truly be something extraordinary."

Hidden in the Dark Nether Cave were immeasurable treasures and endless good fortune. Even the people who had only reached the outer layer had been able to enjoy it. Although the treasures in the outer layer had been decreasing in number after so many years of people scavenging for them, there were still people who had been lucky enough to find precious objects during their ventures.

"I don't know," Zen answered vaguely.

"You don't know?" A strange expression appeared on Fabian's face, "Then do you at least have a goal?"

"Maybe. If possible, I would like to enter the core area of the Dark Nether Cave," Zen said. As these words came out of Zen's mouth, Fabian's and Jarrod's faces were instantly colored with disbelief.

'What is this kid even thinking? Entering the core area of the Dark Nether Cave? Crazy!'

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