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   Chapter 907 Zen's Goal (Part One)

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Everyone left the area as fast as they could.

Even in the outer area of the Dark Nether Cave, any place of great danger was an inescapable one. If any one of them was not careful enough, everyone would die there as a result.

A faint green light flashed in Zen's eyes. Even if he was retreating, he was still extremely alert.

Although the Bull-like Giant Toad and its long tongue were proven to be very fast, Zen had quite a distance away from it, and he had plenty of room to either hide or dodge.

However, if the giant toad were to pounce at him, he would be at his wit's end. Everyone would definitely die.

Zen noticed that the toad had already left the huge pond. It had taken two steps forward but then stopped and became still. Its dark figure had blended into the darkness, but its two large eyes, which were about the size of a house, were gleaming - and they were staring coldly at him!

"Fortunately," Zen whispered, his breath labored. "It doesn't intend to chase us." As he continued to retreat his eyes never left the toad in the darkness. After making sure that he was at a safe distance away from the huge monster, he finally turned around and followed the group.

"Okay, where did that toad come from?" Lavender asked, turning to Yolande who was by her side.

Several war lords glanced at Lavender with confused looks, wondering why she was asking such a question. The giant toad had been in this cave for a long time, and its site had already been clearly marked on the map of the Dark Nether Cave. It was said that this toad had never moved out of the pond, and there were no stories as to how it got there. It just had always been there.

The monsters in the Dark Nether Cave were

yway. We can wait for that and just enter again."

"I don't want to stay in this damned place any longer. I heard that anyone who enters the Dark Nether Cave has a slim chance of surviving. But in my opinion, it's a 100 percent chance of dying!"

As everyone joined in the discussion, Fabian and Jarrod slowly nodded in approval. This trip to Dark Nether Cave was indeed unlucky, coming in and immediately encountering such a huge crisis. To be safe, it was better to give the mission up and return to the Tower of Sin.

However, they were not the one who would make the final decision.

Fabian looked at Zen. He was the one who had a say in the whole thing.

When Zen felt Fabian's gaze on him, a faint smile graced his lips. "If you guys intend to go back, of course I won't have any objections. But I won't go with you. I will stay here."

Lavender stayed quiet, but her calm gaze and red pupils that seemed to have faint flames circulating within seemed to convey that she would be staying with Zen. Yolande then broke the silence and said, "I will not leave Zen's side. With him, I also intend to explore the Dark Nether Cave."

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