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   Chapter 906 Run Away

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Zen's expression changed drastically when he saw the huge tongue coming at him!

'Did this big toad know I saw it?' Zen thought.

However, there was no time for Zen to think whether the beast did or not.

The others all successfully avoided the huge tongue thanks to Zen's warning. But when Fabian and Jarrod saw this scene, their faces instantly darkened!

Zen was currently the most important figure in the Tower of Sin. Others could die, but Zen could never be hurt and must always be protected.

Although Fabian didn't want to anger the Bull-like Giant Toad any more, he didn't have any other choice at the moment but to attack it.

"Zen, retreat! Quickly!"

Immediately after shouting that, Fabian and Jarrod attacked the toad almost at the same time!

The two of them worked closely together, and with their combined efforts, they were able to fight against a war sage!

Two beams of sword radiance shot out from Fabian's and Jarrod's hands. First, the two energies circled around each other until they merged and became one, flying towards the large tongue!

Since the tongue, which was coming at Zen at an extremely fast speed, was extremely large in size, it was impossible that their attack would miss its target.


Although the two beams of intertwined sword radiance were comparable to an attack of a war sage, the big tongue remained unscathed when it hit it. It seemed like the attack felt more like an itchy spot for the tongue than a full-on attack, and so Fabian and Jarrod felt that their efforts were just huge failure.

"Damn it!" Fabian screeched, frustrated by it. Seeing this scene, his and the others' hearts sank. No matter how great Zen's destiny was, no one would be able to save him under this dire situation!

This was the Dark Nether Cave. It was under the Cursed Land, so there was no way a Soul Sea Realm master would suddenly pop out and save Zen. Besides, it wouldn't help even if a Soul Sea Realm master had come. Fabian assumed that even if Miguel came personally, he still wouldn't be a match for this toad.

Facing the huge tongue which was approaching him swiftly, Zen's mind was rapidly spinning, trying to find a way out. If the mere saliva on it could dissolve a sacred weapon, there was no way that he would be able to defend himself against it! Also, even if his special body was able to keep him from being killed by the poisonous saliva he would still surely face death if he was caught by the huge tongue and was swallowed by the Bull-like Giant Toad.

The expression of Lavender, who was floating beside Zen, darkened. With a deep breath, she lifted her long spear, waved it a little, and suddenly, an invisible wave of energy shot towards the huge tongue!

At the same time, Yolande who was not far away, also began to move. She pointed at the tongue with her finger and a ray of light shot towards it as well!

Boom! Boom!

The attacks of the two girls worked, especially after Lavender thrust out her spear, making it swirl in her hands. The invisible force that burst out from it constantly attacked the inner side of the big tongue, creating countless cuts on its s

h I'm not sure what that black flame is, it seemed like it has inflicted the Bull-like Giant Toad extreme pain. However, if that black flame doesn't come out of that tongue and the Bull-like Giant Toad retracts it back to its mouth, wouldn't it mean that the black flame would burn in its mouth?"

The huge tongue was still twisting and pounding the ground, until suddenly, everyone saw its front part burst into flames. The tongue was on fire! And somehow, a ten-feet stretch starting from its tip had already completely burnt!

The air reeked of its singed flesh, like that of roasted meat!


Only then did the wisp of black flame come out of the toad's tongue!

And the moment the black flame came out, the tongue rolled back, still wriggling as if it was fleeing in panic to avoid the black flame from burning again. As soon as the long tongue curled back, it instantly disappeared into the darkness not too far away.

At this time, the black flame seemed to be very happy about its feat as it circled in the air and chirped merrily for a while before it returned back to the spot between Zen's eyebrows.

Without any pause for rest, Zen looked at the toad that had already left the pond and shouted, "Let's hurry up and get away from here!"

The mountain-like toad lay prostrate in the darkness. Despite them being miles away from it, it would just take it a single leap to get to where they were. And if that happened, not one of them would be able to escape!

Everyone looked at the direction Zen was gazing at, but they did not see anything. However, they did not ask Zen about what he had seen. It was simple for them to imagine. If the mere tongue of the Bull-like Giant Toad was so horrible, they didn't need to see what would come next. And despite not being able to battle it fully, they knew that they would be no match for it. Since Zen had already burned a piece of the toad's tongue, it was more than wise for them to take the chance and run away!

They would leave the giant toad be, and they had no plans - or nerve, for that matter - on taking it on again!

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