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   Chapter 905 The Huge Tongue

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Although the Swallowing Birds didn't have high intelligence, their instincts told them that there was a powerful monster ahead of them, so they decided to block the humans' way to stop them from approaching the monster.

The dense flock of birds circled around the humans as they swooped down, forming a giant tornado.


Fabian furrowed his brows deeply, thinking that he was really done for this time.

In fact, there was a dramatic change in the expressions of most of the top-level war lords. A few of them were able to maintain their composure, but the rest of them were wearing a look of despair. Even if they risked their lives in this situation, it would be no use. They lost all hope.

It was easy for a person to give up on fighting if he thought that there was no chance of winning.

"It's over. We're done for. It seems like we're going to die in the Dark Nether Cave!"

"We're so unlucky! We should have retreated to the Tower of Sin long ago!"

"We shouldn't even have come to the Dark Nether Cave in the first place. It's open every year, so why did we have to come here this year?"

Some of them began to grumble with an expression of regret on their faces.

Zen's expression also darkened. Escaping from all the Swallowing Birds was going to be troublesome, even for him.

However, he had never given up once in his life. Even in the face of certain death situations, he would still keep fighting.

But now, the fighting spirit of the top-level war lords had completely dissipated. From the looks of it, all of them had given up on resisting.

Zen shouted, "It's just a flock of birds. You're a group of top-level war lords and yet, you're so useless!

So what if we die? Fight to the death or die like a coward, which one do you choose?

Since we're going to die soon anyway, why don't we go all out?"

As Zen roared these words at them, his body began to glow with killing intent. After communicating with the Killing Sword Mountain, he began to unleash the surging malicious aura.

Then, he swung his fists at the flock of birds swirling around them.

Lavender and Yolande hadn't said anything until now, but they didn't seem to want to give up either.

Anyway, both Lavender and Yolande were from the Upper World and possessed the strength of supreme warriors. They would remain calm even while facing the adversity of death.

Being able to calmly face death was the most ideal state of mind for a warrior. This didn't mean that they had to be unafraid of death. They just had to understand how to treat the possibility of death and adjust the

. Zen stood firmly and continued to stare at the toad. He watched as the Bull-like Giant Toad stretched out its two thick forelimbs to leave the pool.

"It's coming over..." Zen's heart tightened.

At this time, the top-level war lords were still immersed in the joy and relief of surviving the onslaught of Swallowing Birds. They'd never imagined that they would be saved by a huge tongue that came out of nowhere. Although the tongue's mucus had corroded a top-level war lord, at least a majority of them had survived.

However, Zen was staring straight ahead and standing still, as if he had been glued to the ground.

"All right, everyone. Hurry up and leave this place. Although we haven't entered the territory of the Bull-like Giant Toad, we're already very close. If it—" Fabian started saying in an extremely cautious tone.

But before he could finish, Zen shouted, "Everyone, run! Run in all directions!"

And with that, the power of the dragon scales within his body exploded forth. With the strength of both his legs, he shot up into the sky.

When everyone heard Zen's warning and saw his swift escape, a strong sense of danger rose in their heart. The top-level war lords who had gathered there began dispersing in all directions.

Just then, they saw the huge tongue shooting toward the spot where they had been standing just a moment ago.


The huge tongue made an eighty-feet wide crater in the ground. As for the mucus dripping from the tongue, it continuously corroded the ground, emitting sizzling sounds.

Everyone's faces flashed with fear.

For a moment, they all held their breaths. Then, the tongue started moving again. This time, it bounced up from the ground and shot toward Zen.

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