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   Chapter 904 The Bull-like Giant Toad (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-08-10 10:18

Per chance, Fabian remembered that there was a forbidden area in the west of this area.

The creatures who shared the Tower of Sin had constantly been drawing a map according to each's experiences in exploring the Dark Nether Cave. The map was shared among all the races. Of course, there were some creatures who were not willing to share some of their fortunes or opportunities with the others and neglected to mark these on the map. They would not even tell the members of their own race.

However, most races were quite generous when it came to informing others of areas of danger. After all, if one was able to mark out an additional forbidden area on the map, the others would have a better chance of survival.

However, these dangers and forbidden areas were constantly changing. For example, if there was a ferocious monster lurking somewhere in the outer area, then it was very likely that by the next year, the monster would have moved its location so that the map would become inaccurate.

It was rumored there was a Bull-like Giant Toad in the forbidden area to the west.

That Bull-like Giant Toad had been there for a long time. While many races had ventured into that forbidden area, they had all been swept away by the Bull-like Giant Toad's huge tongue. From then on, none of the warriors that entered the Dark Nether Cave dared to approach that forbidden area.

Given the Bull-like Giant Toad's strength, none of the warriors at the Soul Sea Realm, not to mention a war sage or a top-level war lord, dared to antagonize the beast as they were not able to deal with it.

On any normal given day, Fabian wouldn't have gone there, even if he was threatened with being beaten to deat

But at the same time, they were all deeply worried.

The Bull-like Giant Toad was truly a monster! Just its cry alone was already so terrifying. So how powerful was the Bull-like Giant Toad really?

Was it really a good idea for everyone to charge at the Bull-like Giant Toad in order to avoid the birds in the sky? Were they not merely going to make a bad situation worse?

Whether it was a good idea or a bad one, they had no other choice now. They could only charge forward. The strange birds' speed was much faster than that of most of the top-level war lords. At this point, they all ran as fast as they could. Their hearts were beating in their chests, whether from physical exertion or fear made no difference.

"Quack, quack, quack..."

The sound waves being emitted by the Bull-like Giant Toad had spread out in all directions, and those birds in the sky were obviously affected as well. They seemed to hesitate momentarily before they continued flying closer.

At this point, the flock of birds had almost reached the sky above the humans. If they were to dive down now, they would be able to cut off their path.

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