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   Chapter 903 The Bull-like Giant Toad (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-08-10 10:18

Fabian's expression was filled with a barely contained joy. Everyone else also felt that it was truly unbelievable.

Once people were forced into a corner, they would often be able to unleash a power that they could not believe they ever had.

Previously, the reason why Fabian had asked everyone to run was that he was afraid of alerting the monsters in the Dark Nether Cave. Moreover, he was not sure if they could successfully deal with the Swallowing Birds.

In the end, without any other way to escape, they had fought to the death and had actually triumphed.

There were still a few Swallowing Birds circling restlessly in the air above them. These Swallowing Birds were not completely senseless, and they had soon realized that these top-level war lords below them were not an easy meal.

However, they also clearly knew that there were no monsters in the Dark Nether Cave which were easy to slay. These birds belonged to the bottom of the food chain, so compared to the monsters who dwelt in the Dark Nether Cave, these humans were far easier prey to hunt.

So they continued circling around the group of humans, refusing to leave. At the same time, they kept singing their eerie call, hoping to summon more of their own kind.

"They are calling for their companions. Let's leave, quickly." Hearing the cries of those strange birds, Fabian frowned and his expression darkened as he led the rest of the group away from the area, though the birds continued tagging along.

Zen still remained in the middle of the group. This Dark Nether Cave was just like what Miguel had said; it was simply too dangerous! Even if Zen's luck was incredibly good, it still wouldn't be easy for him to successfully obtain the inheritance.

No matter how fast they ran on the

over. Their squawking presence in the sky almost blocked out the weak Dark Nether Death Light.

"Wh-what should we do?" a top-level war lord asked in a trembling voice.

"Scatter! Run away in all directions!" Fabian suggested in a timorous tone.

"Even if we split up, we are not likely to escape. There are too many strange birds,"

Zen interjected and looked at the flock of strange birds with a steely glint flashing in his eyes. He then asked, "In the outer area of the Dark Nether Cave, where would the most ferocious monster be?"

"What do you mean?"

Fabian asked, confused.

"We lure these birds over there!" Determination showed on Zen's face.

At this point, the only thing left to do was take a risk. Although it was difficult to deal with so many birds, there must definitely be an even more powerful monster in existence inside the Dark Nether Cave. Besides, they would surely be killed by the birds if they stayed here. However, if they led the birds to another ferocious monster, they might be able to survive.

Fabian's mind was spinning very fast. There was no time left for him to even think about it, and Zen's plan was the only feasible option.

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