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   Chapter 902 Fight To Death

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Numerous formless energy waves rushed out from Lavender's spear and they contained formidable force. Under her direction, they shot ferociously towards the strange bird.


A special characteristic of the spear was that it could penetrate through anything with immediate and forceful effect. When Lavender had launched the strike with her spear, she had also gathered all of her own strength and focused it on the tip of the spear. This way, the power of penetration was extremely terrifying. When the spear intent shot towards the strange bird, it instantly penetrated through its seemingly indestructible skin.

"It is useless..." Not far away, a top-level war lord who was fleeing in panic shook his head.

Compared to the huge body of the strange bird, the spear was like a tiny needle. Even if the latter managed to pierce through the body of the Swallowing Bird, it would only cause it a little pain and the damage would be far from enough to kill it. It would even infuriate the creature even more.

At the same time, Fabian and Jarrod came to sandwich Zen, one from the left, one from the right. Life vitality in the colors of black and white burst out from their bodies. When the two of them worked together, their strength would increase by several times. For the time being, the most important thing for them was to protect Zen, even if it meant putting themselves in the line of fire.

Although they knew that Lavender was someone extraordinary, they couldn't just let Zen's safety completely lie in her hands After all, she was only a sword spirit attached to Zen's body. And since they were interdependent, there wasn't much of a difference between their strengths. How could she block the attack of that bird?

After Lavender thrust out the spear, she gently twisted her hand which held the spear. Suddenly, an explosive sound rang out in everyone's ears!

It was as if countless bones had been broken, like the cracking sound of dried beans.

Everyone raised their heads to look, only to see that the skin of the Swallowing Bird, which was more than a hundred feet long, had wrinkled all over. Its huge body seemed as if it had been twisted into a ball by someone's hands. It looked like a gigantic crumpled rag now.


Having lost the ability to fly, the bird fell heavily to the ground and rolled into the bushes on the side.

Seeing this sight, even the top-level war lords had their mouths agape in disbelief.

During the past few days, Lavender had frequently walked into the arena to fight since Zen had given her quite a few opportunities to practice. In any case, if Lavender won, the Lucky Light of her opponents would still be absorbed by Zen.

All the top-level war lords present here had a smattering of the mysterious spear arts Lavender practiced. Some of them who were in the fourteenth floor of the Tower of Sin had once specially gone into the arena to challenge her with the mere intention of experiencing her spear arts, since they were known to be outstanding.

Everyone knew that Lavender's spear art was very powerful, but they had never expected it to be so amazing!

When Fabian and Jarrod worked together, they were able to compete with a novice war sage. If they had sufficient strength, they could also kill this huge bird, but it was impossible for them to do such a smooth and clean stunt like Lavender had done.

"Good spear art!" Zen praised and continued to run forw

x formed by the energy that Zen had unleashed with his fist was able to suck in the strange bird that had tried to attack him. As the vortex spun, the strange bird's enormous wings began to curl and break.

By the time the Swallowing Bird reached in front of Zen, its wings had already been twisted by the vortex and were firmly bound to its body. This strange bird fell down like a huge stick, its several dozen feet long beak sticking into the ground behind Zen!

Although it wasn't the right time to be in a daze, many of the top-level war lords were still dumbfounded when they saw Zen's punch break the bird's beak.

Wasn't this punch a bit too powerful? What kind of fist fighting technique was this?

Zen's victory greatly raised the morale of the crowd. After all, Zen was only a ninth level war general. But he had killed this strange bird like chopping a vegetable. So they thought as top-level war lords, they couldn't perform any worse than him.

Yolande had maintained a distance of ten feet away from Zen all the time. But now, she stepped forwards, her clogs making a loud clattering sound. She looked calmly at a strange bird. With a slight tremble of her fingers, two slender beams of radiance shot out from them.

The lights shining on her fingers looked mysterious. The moment they were formed, they darted directly to the strange bird and hit it accurately in its big eyes.

Its eyes were blinded by Yolande. The bird immediately lost its direction. It flapped its wings, and in the end, fell onto the ground head first. It rolled around on the ground after it fell. Struggling with its huge strength, it stirred up the dust and gravel into the air. Its powerful wings furrowed on the ground, leaving several ditches behind.

At this time, no one had the time to pay attention to this particular strange bird. The blind Swallowing Bird was no longer a threat, and the ones causing the real problem were the ones circling above their heads.

All of the top-level war lords launched their attacks at the same time. Different colors of forceful energy erupted and life vitality flashed in the air. With joint forces, even though two top-level human war lords had been snatched away by the strange birds, they were still successful in killing a dozen these fierce creatures!

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