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   Chapter 901 Strange Birds

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 10689

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Over the years, countless war lords had succumbed to their temptations in the Dark Nether Cave and died.

But even so, the pull of opportunities from the Dark Nether Cave was just too great. If one was lucky enough to get a good chance in the cave, he could make great progress in his cultivation and become much more powerful. Besides, warriors were born fearless and they all liked adventures.

The Dark Nether Cave was the personification of a famous quote which said that wealth was sought from danger. If one wanted to obtain more, one needed to gamble more and, maybe, even gamble their own life. It was easy to lead a smooth and safe life, but since they had chosen to become warriors, why would they choose to be mediocre now?

As soon as Jarrod finished speaking, everyone's hearts tightened, and they quickly descended towards the cave bottom!

The cave was astonishingly and imperceptibly tall. Some tall mountains could be seen towering in the distance, and even their peaks didn't seem to be touching the top of the cave.

A fast wind blew past Zen's ears, and he landed firmly on the ground. Lavender didn't stay inside his body anymore and came out armed, holding a long spear in her hand, as if she was a ghost floating beside Zen.

Since she had chosen to fully assist Zen, she was going to go all out now.

"There are plants here?" Zen's keen eyes caught sight of some black plants growing on the ground.

Even a top-level war lord would have been unable to withstand the Dark Nether Death Light. How could these plants grow there?

Hearing Zen's words, Fabian replied carefully, "These plants seem to be able to resist the Dark Nether Death Light. But as for just exactly how they are doing that and what principle lies behind their survival, I fear that is out of my league too..."

Zen didn't ask too much. There were too many mysteries in this world for him to study them all.

After all the human warriors had landed, Fabian carefully looked around. Just as he was about to lead the group forward, an accident suddenly occurred.


An intense scream came from somewhere behind them.

"Shut up! What do you want? Death? You need to be silent in the Dark Nether Cave. Who made that ungodly noise?" Fabian roared angrily in a low voice.

Although the number of warriors entering the Dark Nether Cave had increased several folds this time, they would still be in danger and even meet their death if the monsters at the outer area of the cave became aware of their arrival.

"That wasn't us..." someone whispered to Fabian.

Everyone looked towards the source of the voice. Under the dim red light, a black bird appeared not far away. The bird was at least a hundred feet long, and its large mouth took up half of its body. Above its big mouth, there were two scarlet eyes which were glued on the warriors.

Perhaps the most dreadful sight was that the bird was holding an orc war lord of top level inside its mouth. Half of the war lord's body was hanging outside its mouth, and the other half had already been devoured by the bird!

After the group of orc warriors left the Tower of Sin, they had descended rapidly down into the cave. However,

hem!" Fabian said as he led the other warriors forward.

As the leader of the group, he didn't have the time to turn around and fight against the Swallowing Birds.

Currently, everyone was at a loss, and Fabian was one of the few who had some familiarity with the Dark Nether Cave among the humans. He was very clear that if they ran in the wrong direction inside the cave, it was very likely that they would be completely annihilated. So he wanted to lead everyone on the right path and get out of danger.


Another miserable shriek rang out. The arrow from the top-level war lord had hit the Swallowing Bird but the only effect it had made was to successfully infuriate the strange bird. With a dive, the bird caught the war lord in its jaws.

The human warriors' complexions became even paler. At this rate, most of them would be eaten up by these strange birds!


A Swallowing Bird circled around, and then charged towards Zen, setting him up as its target.

"You can't!"

"Protect Zen!"

Fabian and Jarrod instantly became anxious.

Before Zen returned from the Purple Heart Sacred Place, Miguel had been extremely worried about Zen since the latter was going to enter the Dark Nether Cave. Therefore, he had instructed Fabian and Jarrod that they must do their best to protect Zen, even at the cost of their own lives.

Zen's strength was not bad, but Fabian and others didn't think he could resist this invulnerable strange bird!

Zen's eyebrows creased as he saw the Swallowing Bird fly closer and closer. He wasn't sure if he would be able to beat this strange bird.

Yolande, wearing a pair of wooden clogs, was standing about ten feet away from Zen. Seeing the bird getting closer, she slightly pressed her two fingers together and was about to make her move. However, when she saw Lavender's expression, a faint light flashed in her eyes and she restrained herself from taking any action.

At this moment, Lavender looked completely indifferent. The long spear in her hand had already stuck out. It looked like this seemingly casual spear strike contained a terrifying power!

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