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   Chapter 900 A Dangerous Place

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Yolande blinked innocently. She didn't want to lie. "Yes, I know," she answered truthfully.

"What? Yolande, you know about the Dark Nether Cave?"

"What exactly is in the core region of the Dark Nether Cave?"

"How did the Dark Nether Cave form?"

The numerous top-level war lords couldn't hold themselves back and subjected Yolande with a flood of questions.

Yolande turned her head away stubbornly. "I won't tell you."

Her disobedience rendered the top-level war lords speechless. How capricious this girl was!

Yolande had already been on the tenth floor when these top-level war lords were still generals, and there she remained. No one knew where she came from. She had just always been there.

These top-level war lords dared not do anything to her.

"Lavender, what on earth is going on?" Zen asked. "Why don't you let Yolande follow me?"

Lavender blinked. "I don't know how the Dark Nether Cave came into being, but it should have been a battlefield left behind by the world lords who fought here," she said through her life vitality.

"What did you say? World lords? Who are they?"

Zen asked, obviously shocked by this new piece of information.

"World lords are supreme warriors of different worlds. Numerous masters died here and, if I'm not mistaken, the Cursed Land was a domain once created by the Cursed World lord who moved about the universe freely," Lavender said.

The cyan dragon, having been a silent spectator all this time, finally spoke, "Right. The Cursed Land is very likely to be the cursed domain."

Zen frowned. "Why didn't you say that earlier?"

It seemed like both the cyan dragon and Lavender clearly knew about this.

"You didn't ask," the two answered in unison.

Their answer rendered Zen speechless.

"The lord of the Cursed World was an extremely famous figure in the Upper World. His Great Curse Technique could separate hundreds of great worlds apart and imprint curses onto them," the cyan dragon narrated in his usual emotionless voice.

"But why is the cursed domain set up by him ineffective against any warrior below the war sage level?"

Zen couldn't help but ask in curiosity.

"You are too weak and can't possibly be considered a part of the Cursed World. Therefore, the Cursed Land only curses warriors above top-level war lords," Lavender replied in a cold tone.

Lavender's analysis was indeed correct. When two armies clashed and built walls, that was to defend themselves from the soldiers on the other side. No one would build walls to defend themselves from ants.

To world lords, all warriors below the war sage level were mere insects and were not worth the trouble.

It was because of this reason that the Sea God Continent had been plunged into

it, right?"

he guessed.

Fabian, who had been walking in front of Zen, nodded. "Yes," he confirmed. "Once, there was someone who went around the outer layer of the Dark Nether Cave. He found that the shape of the cave is identical to that of the Cursed Land on the surface of the earth."

"Is the tingling sensation caused by the Dark Nether Death Light?"

Zen asked.

The cave, though vast, was not pitch black. In fact, it was filled with some kind of ominous, dark red light. Zen blocked the light with his hand and the tingling sensations immediately disappeared, but the moment he moved his hand away, the tingles returned and had evolved into strong stabbing pains.

"Yes," Fabian confirmed once again. "Right now, the Dark Nether Death Light is weak and will only bring the feeling of being pierced by numerous needles. However, once it reaches its explosive phase, the pain will be unbearable and no one will be able to resist it."

Jarrod then interrupted their conversation, "Let's quickly descend. As we fly in the Dark Nether Cave, it will be very easy to attract the attention of fierce demons."

The Tower of Sin was like a sharp knife, stabbing straight through the ground.

They had all come out of the top of the tower and were now about to descend into the cave.

Jarrod had been right. The Dark Nether Cave was not the place for idle chit-chat. Once upon a time, just as the ogre top-level war lords led their team to step out of the Tower of Sin, they immediately met an extremely powerful fiend who devoured ten top-level war lords at once.

That fiend had always guarded this area of the Tower of Sin. It wasn't really the Dark Nether Death Light that should be feared, but the dangers that lurked in the cave.

Even if they were only at the outer layer, it was still extremely dangerous.

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