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   Chapter 899 Preparation

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Collecting as much information as he could, Zen had already prepared himself for the dangers of the Dark Nether Cave.

However, upon hearing what the master of Soul Sea Realm said, Zen was more sure that the Dark Nether Cave was an extremely dangerous place.

About seventy top-level war lords had joined forces to explore this place, but in the end, all of them had perished. What was hiding in the core area of the Dark Nether Cave?

'Mist knew very well that it is extremely difficult and dangerous to explore the Dark Nether Cave, yet he sent me here. Is this one of his tricks?'

Zen thought to himself. However, nothing stopped him.

The chance to enter the cave was immensely tempting for other creatures, too, but it was of utmost importance for Zen. It was an opportunity he might not get again. He had no intention of missing it.

Despite a hint of bitterness in his smile, Miguel believed in Zen. He also knew it was useless to prevent him from getting inside such a dangerous place.

That particular trip to the human sacred place was more symbolic than literal.

Led by Olivia, Zen attracted enough attention and gained applause wherever they passed by.

The younger generation of the Purple Heart Sacred Place seemed to have a great deal of interest in Zen.

In the eyes of the younger generation, Zen was unbeatable. His unique way of taking over the Tower of Sin and his ability to drive the ogres away were achievements that no one else could surpass.

The humans grew an intense curiosity towards Zen. How could someone so young have achieved so much for his unripe age?

Although incomparable to the objects he got from the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place, Zen was glad to receive rewards from the Purple Heart Sacred Place members.

The Heavenly Feather Sacred Place gave him a top-grade sacred long sword. Even if Amber had plans of giving that sacred weapon to Lavender, it was Zen that obtained it eventually. Everything had its rightful owner indeed.

The treasures and resources of the human's sacred place were less than that of the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place, but Zen perfectly understood the circumstances.

Asking him to inform the Demon Night that the Purple Heart Sacred Place had intended to ally with the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place, Miguel sent Zen to the transmission array.

Truly, Zen had driven the ogres away from the Tower of Sin, but how were they to deal with the two sacred places of the ogre?

If the two ogre sacred places were to declare war on the Purple Heart Sacred Place again, the humans would have no way to resist without the interference of the Demon Night.

Although races seldom got any benefit from the alliance between different races, Miguel, who knew the relationship between Zen and the Demon Night, still hoped that Zen would be able to help him with this matter. At the very least, humans would be able to obtain the pr

didn't pursue the growth of cultivation and just continued to practice.

Despite staying on the tenth floor for such a long time, Yolande failed to increase her cultivation. She also didn't climb to the higher floor of the tower.

Seeing Zen's surprised expression, Fabian was quick to explain, "Yolande has taken the initiative to apply for a spot to enter the cave, so I gave her the permission."

Yolande was human after all. Despite this, her talent was ranked in the first row. Moreover, Yolande's contributions to the humans over the years were substantial and significant. It was appropriate for her to get a chance to enter the cave.

Yolande casually walked over to Zen. She stared at him and said, "I will go with you on this trip to the cave."

The confusion enveloping Zen grew. Being in the Tower of Sin for so long, Yolande definitely had so many chances of entering the cave. But why now? Why did she choose to follow him?

Before he had the chance to say anything, a beam of red light shot up from Zen's body. It slowly began to take the shape of a Demon Night. That was no other than Zen's sword spirit, Lavender.

Lavender, as calm as ever, looked at Yolande and said, "Zen, don't let her come with you."

"This… Why?" Keeping the good impression he had of Yolande, Zen felt strange. Since she chose to be on his side, he thought allowing Yolande to come with him wasn't such a big deal.

"You know what's in the cave, right?" Lavender asked Yolande while walking over to where she was.

Lavender's words immediately attracted the attention of many top-level war lords in the hall. In their eyes, Yolande's and Lavender's origins were mystical. It was possible that they knew something not everyone else did.

At that certain moment, everyone was all ears to the ongoing banter between the two mystical ladies before them. After all, the more they knew about the cave, the more their survival chance increased.

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