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   Chapter 898 The Core

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Even if he had already predicted Zen's choice of leaving, Miguel still couldn't help but show his disappointment when he heard it come straight from him.

In Miguel's mind, if Zen could stay, he knew he would do greater things and achieve far greater heights than even Amber of the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place could had dreamed of.

One could regard Amber as a savior. Two hundred years ago, the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place was far from the powerful stronghold it was today. Back then, the Flaming Ogre Sacred Place and the Dread Ogre Sacred Place dominated the entire Sea God Continent and no other race dared to go up against them.

There had also been a relatively large race called the Shadow Group which had its own sixth-grade sacred place on the Sea God Continent and was ranked fourth out of the overall races. However, due to a dispute with the ogres, the Shadow Group was quickly annihilated. Such was the power of the ogres back then.

Later Amber had appeared like a dark horse and led the Demon Night race towards the peak, turning their whole situation around. Now, the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place had become a force no weaker than both the Flaming Ogre Sacred Place and the Dread Ogre Sacred Place.

Amber's name was ranked on the second row on the Talent Tablet, but Zen's name was even above the first row and had attained the special honor of being the Celestial Position talent. He was also someone who could control the Tower of Sin!

Miguel was undoubtedly confident that Zen's potential and future achievements would be immeasurable. He just found it a pity that such a talent like Zen did not come from the Purple Heart Sacred Place. Regardless, with the world at Zen's feet, Miguel knew there was no way he could force the youth to stay.

"Dark Nether Cave?"

Miguel asked. "You plan to enter the Dark Nether Cave this year?"

Zen nodded. "Yes."

Miguel fiddled with his hands. "Wouldn't it be a little bit of a rush? Though every race has seats and could send some of their warriors to enter the Dark Nether Cave, most warriors would choose to first attain the level of war lord before going in. There were some races who sent in their war generals to enrich themselves but these war generals could only reach the outer circle and no further. The deeper one ventures into the Dark Nether Cave, the higher the chances of dying!" he said.

Every talent that had gone through the cultivation in the Tower of Sin entered the Dark Nether Cave at some point. In fact, Miguel's entry to the cave was what changed his life.

Although he was a divine-level talent, Miguel's name had only remained on the seventh row on the Talent Tablet which wasn't really an extraordinary feat. However, despite being ranked low on the talent test, he had risked his life to enter the Dark Nether Cave and brought back a Limitless Sword Array that turned his luck around. Even now, as a powerful master of the Soul Sea Realm, this Limitless Sword Array he had obtained years ago remained his most important trump card!

However, Mi



Miguel replied with a faint smile.

"Well… what happened to them?" Zen asked.

Miguel laughed, "None of them ever came back. They're as good as dead at this point."

The Dark Nether Cave's core was shrouded with a dense fog. If one stood at the edge of the cave, he'd be able to see the fog and within it, a flickering, bloody light.

No one knew what was inside.

"The core?" Zen asked, a wry smile appearing on his face.

The immortal Mist should really have told him more. Zen wondered what held Mist back from telling everything clearly to Zen. Instead, he only gave Zen a Jade Butterfly. He didn't even say a word about the inheritance…

Then, if Zen entered the Dark Nether Cave, should he search for the inheritance in the outer circle? Maybe he should enter the inner circle? Or was he supposed to venture into the core where he could possibly never return?

Miguel clearly saw the smile on Zen's face, "Are you planning on entering the core?"

he asked before wearing an expression of extreme seriousness. "If you really plan on doing this, then I'll give you a word of advice: you better give up on that idea!"

Zen shook his head, "I will definitely enter the Dark Nether Cave. As for the core…

I have not decided if I need to go there or not."

Seeing that his resolve wasn't dampened, Miguel could only warn Zen, "I remember one year when all the races in the Tower of Sin allied themselves with each other. They gathered 76 top-level war lords to explore the Dark Nether Cave's core together. None of them ever returned."

"Seventy-six top-level war lords?"

Zen remarked in surprise.

Miguel nodded, "Yes. They were the most outstanding war lords in each race. Although I know you are someone equipped with great destiny, the core isn't a place one can enter by simply relying on luck. Even if I were to enter the core now, I would have no possibility of returning from there, let alone you!"

A bitter taste rose from Zen's throat. Miguel's words were truly hard to swallow.

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