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   Chapter 897 Purple Heart Sacred Place

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The majority of the top-level war lords were found to be on the fourteenth floor of the Tower of Sin.

Among these war lords, only the most outstanding ones could enter the fifteenth floor. They must compete with each other and the ones who won could obtain a seat. And each seat owner had an independent space on the fifteenth floor, and that was equivalent to a small world.

But the big problem was that there were only fourteen of them, even if all the top-level war lords of the human race were counted together, including Fabian, Jarrod, and two other seat owners.

Fabian was knocked unconscious by this sudden bliss. They were almost there but worry filled him at that moment as there weren't so many top-level war lords to be seat owners.

After contemplating about it, he then decided to ask for Zen's opinion secretly with the use of his life vitality.

The solution Zen came up with was a simple and straightforward one. He advised that if the top-level war lords weren't enough, then Fabian must consider the level nine war lords as possible seat owners. Supposed they still couldn't suffice, then level eight war lords would do.

In the end, however, the seats were eventually given to top-level war lords. Fabian wouldn't let level nine or level eight war lords be seat owners. He had still managed somehow to get several top-level war lords from the Purple Heart Sacred Place to take the seats. After all, in the vast sacred place, the number of top-level war lords was still not few.

After dealing with this matter, Zen finally made a trip to the Purple Heart Sacred Place under Fabian's invitation.

He felt glad to accept such an invitation. He had never entered the Purple Heart Sacred Place before, even though he was human.

But never did it occur to him that his fame in the Purple Heart Sacred Place was enough to make everyone know him!

The elders of the Purple Heart Sacred Place had long started to publicize him the moment he made his debut in the Tower of Sin.

At that time, Zen was a formidable war fighter. He had even defeated war generals of the other races. Humans could finally hold their heads high.

The elders of the Purple Heart Sacred Place had confidently told the tens of millions of human warriors in the sacred place that Zen's appearance would likely bring them a new seat.

One more seat would give the humans more right to speak, as well as five more licenses to the Dark Nether Cave. It purely brought humans hope!

So everyone's attention was focused on Zen. His impressive performance was like soaring into the sky. He was like a breeze air that could revive the tiny dot of hope from anyone's heart. And with his strength alone, he had taken control of the entire Tower of Sin in no time! Thus it was no longer a question of one more seat.

Zen's performance had greatly exceeded everyone's expectations!

The attacks from the Flaming Ogre Sacred Place and the Dread Ogre Sacred Place, however, made some people within the Purple Heart Sacred Place feel disheartened and start to question and distrust Zen. But their emotions quickly stabilized after the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place took humans' side.

And now, Zen had successfully chased away all of the ogres within the Tower of Sin. This nightmare

heir words, she felt her face heated immediately. Miguel and the others could only smile when these words reached their ears. In their eyes, marriage was about fate.

Among these young talents, there was a 14-year-old child. As he intently watched Zen fly by, his red face flickered with a strange luster. He remained silent, but at this moment, his warrior spirit was constantly gathering an intense obsession. There was a grim determination raging within him.

'In the future, I will definitely become someone like Zen!' he screamed in his mind.

In fact, after a few years, he did it. He became the second person in the Tower of Sin to be recognized by the Celestial Position race. This was because he had the same fate as Zen. But this was also another story.

Soon after, Zen was entering the main palace. He was treated rightfully as a distinguished guest. All the humans regarded him with respect and admiration.

It was already a distinction and an honor to be entertained like this by warriors at the Soul Sea Realm. However, this was not the first time Zen had experienced it. The situation in the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place was even more outrageous than this.

After fully settling themselves, Miguel and Zen began to discuss the matters of the Tower of Sin.

Miguel wasn't picky about Zen's arrangements at all. With the permanent seats secured, the human race didn't need to worry about losing control of the Tower of Sin. Not to mention that Zen had even dragged the Demon Night into this.

"Zen, I guess you are planning to leave the Sea God Continent, aren't you?" Miguel asked.

It was not hard to guess. As long as Zen stayed in the Tower of Sin for one day, no one in the tower would be able to resist him. His arrangement, however, was created obviously to prevent the decline of the human race once he left the Tower of Sin. He had further linked the human race with the Demon Night. With that, humans would be much safer.

"That is indeed the case," Zen nodded and openly admitted it. "I am afraid that I will have to leave after exploring the Dark Nether Cave. Therefore, I have come here to ask you about the secrets of the Dark Nether Cave! "

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