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   Chapter 896 Redistribute The Seats

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Since the ogres had been expelled from the Tower of Sin, it was time to redistribute the seats.

Previously, the ogres had occupied twenty-six seats, so how would these seats be allocated?

Every race's seat owners had their own plans in mind.

At the same time, they also knew that Zen would distribute the twenty-six seats as he pleased.

According to the current situation, Zen only had to take the Demon Night into consideration. After all, the Purple Heart Sacred Place was actually under the protection of the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place. If the Demon Night hadn't protected the humans, the ogres would have wiped out the Purple Heart Sacred Place from the Sea God Continent.

Although the Tower of Sin was important, a sacred place required decades, centuries, or even millennia of accumulation to truly rise in power.

So, the seat owners of the other races estimated that out of the twenty-six seats, some of them would be allocated to the Demon Night while the rest would be allocated to the humans.

Anyway, as long as Zen didn't take away their seats, they would be thankful to him.

The top-level war lords slowly gathered in the round hall and looked at Zen with a complex expression in their eyes. Each of them had their own thoughts.

Who would have thought that the person who would reformulate the rules would be a human war general?

Back then, in order to get a seat, every race had to go all out, even at the cost of their lives. However, the human war general had driven the ogres out of the Tower of Sin and obtained twenty-six seats in one go.

Many of the top-level war lords admired Zen very much. What he had done was beyond their expectations.

On top of that, Zen, with his current abilities, could expel all the races from the tower, including the Demon Night.

Of course, he wouldn't do that.

There wasn't much benefit for him in chasing the other races out of the Tower of Sin. Besides, although the Tower of Sin was important, the development of the sacred places was more important. With the skin gone, what can the hair attach itself to? Everyone took the Tower of Sin seriously because it was important for the development of their own race's sacred place.

If Zen turned the human race against all the other races, then the other sacred places would join forces to wipe out the Purple Heart Sacred Place.

Zen had also considered the rules of the Tower of Sin.

In fact, after so many years of evolution, the current set of rules wasn't bad. Any creature that entered the Tower of Sin had to constantly tiptoe around the edge of life and death. Only the true elites could climb up the floors one after another.

Powerful warriors could obtain more resources, Lucky Light, and points. The weaker ones would be eliminated and might even become nutrients of the Tower of Sin.

The Tower of Sin was just a microcosm

all of them were given to the human race, then the human race would have thirty seats, which would be more than enough.

"Is there anyone who objects?" Zen asked.

The other top-level war lords stayed silent as they knew that it would be useless to say anything. Moreover, what Zen had said made sense. Now, the Demon Night and the human race combined would have almost fifty seats, so the remaining seventy-odd seats would be allocated to the other races.

The situation was similar to when the ogres had been present.

At that time, the other races had been worried about the continued expansion of the power of the ogres and the Demon Night. It had been obvious that the Demon Night and the ogres would keep obtaining more and more seats while the seats of the other races decreased. In the end, all the seats would have fallen into the hands of the ogres and the Demon Night.

Now, Zen's new rule would put a stop to the expansion of the Demon Night because the number of seats held by the humans and the Demon Night would always remain the same. This wasn't a bad thing for the other races.

"No objections."

"I have no objections either." The other races all nodded.

Of course, Zen wasn't asking for their consent at all.

Out of the twenty-six seats of the ogres, Zen allocated eight to the Demon Night. As a result, the Demon Night now had twenty-four seats while the humans had twenty-two seats, becoming the second strongest power in the Tower of Sin.

As for how Esther and Fabian planned to allocate these seats, Zen didn't see any need to interfere in it.

Esther was quite calm. Although having eight extra seats was a good thing for the Demon Night, it wasn't enough to make her feel excited.

However, it was a different story for the four human seat owners. Fabian and Jarrod seemed to be on cloud nine as they had suddenly gained eighteen seats. How would they distribute them?

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