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   Chapter 895 Making Some New Rules

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On the topmost floor of the Tower of Sin, the many ogre top-level war lords had gathered in the No. 2 space, all wearing depressed looks on their faces.

Although many of the ogre war lords were still lining up to challenge Zen on the eleventh floor, they clearly knew in their hearts that it was simply a futile struggle.

Back when Zen had been a mere war general, he had already been able to easily defeat Boris. Now that Zen had become a second level war general, he was no longer afraid of facing ordinary war lords.

The most important thing was that Zen was not a fool.

So what if they managed to defeat him in the arena? He could still use the power of the Tower of Sin to kill anyone he wanted…

Rules were nothing in the eyes of those who held power. They were only used to control weak warriors.

Did they honestly expect Zen to obey their rules? That was impossible!

These top-level war lords were also well aware of this.

Many of the ogre war lords had already realized that their days were numbered in the Tower of Sin, and many of the top-level war lords had started to clean up their mess and prepared to return home.

"We still have one last chance," Maurice suddenly said. "Who's willing to stay?"

"Do you mean to continue fighting desperately against Zen?" a top-level war lord asked in a disgruntled tone.

Maurice stared coldly at the top-level war lord who had asked this. Sometimes, the brains of his comrades were addled.

Another top-level war lord said, "Yes, there is indeed a final chance!"

Maurice laughed heartily. "Moreover, there is a good chance of winning."

More and more war lords came to realize what they were talking about, and their eyes flashed with rekindled hope.

Yes, in less than half a month, Zen would begin to drive the many ogres out from the Tower of Sin.

In the past, they had hid two war sages in the secret passageway below the Tower of Sin, and while hiding in that place, they could easily avoid the Dark Nether Death Light.

When the Dark Nether Death Light in the Dark Nether Cave had weakened, it was highly likely that Zen would enter the Dark Nether Cave to explore. Even if he didn't go there this year, he would go next year as well. Or if it was not next year, he would certainly go the year after that!

The life span of a top-level war lord was very long and they didn't mind waiting for a few years!

Furthermore, they could still continue to cultivate in the secret passageway!

There were many top-level war lords present, such as Maurice and certain others, who had been suppressing their cultivation levels to prevent themselves from breaking through to become war sages and then being killed by the spell of the Cursed Land.

If they chose to hide away in the secret passageway, and cultivate until they could break through and become war sages, then they could wait for Zen to enter the Dark Nether Cave and kill him.

Zen was undeniably a talent, and the strength which he had unleashed was very powerful. However, he was only powerful when compared to the ordinary war lords. For these top-level war lords, he was still nothing of importance. Moreover, it wouldn't be long before these top-level war lords would bre

er of Sin was indeed a wonderful place for cultivation. Zen was now a sixth level war general!

According to the information he had received, the Dark Nether Death Light inside the Dark Nether Cave would weaken within three to four months.

Therefore, Zen had plenty of time left to improve himself.

To Zen's knowledge, there was a period of time every year when the Dark Nether Death Light would weaken. However, this time was not fixed or predetermined. Sometimes it would be one month earlier, and sometimes it would even be one month later than expected.

However, once it was activated in this period, the light would not inflict any damage in the first month.

'I am determined to retrieve that inheritance from inside the Dark Nether Cave! Then, I believe, it won't be long before I can return to the Central Region…'

As he thought of this, Zen's eyes narrowed with pleasure. However, as he looked around, he suddenly saw Maurice, who was heading off into the distance, turn his head and give him a sinister smile.

Zen's heart tightened when he saw Maurice's smile, and he frowned suspiciously.

'It would seem that the ogre race will not give up easily, ' Zen thought in his heart.

Soon after, Zen began to sink. In a flash, his entire body had already been merged into the Tower of Sin.

As the entire Tower of Sin was stuck upside down in the Cursed Land, Zen was actually standing on the first floor of the Tower of Sin. After his body had merged with the Tower of Sin, he continuously spiraled downward.

He traveled through the first floor, the second floor… the tenth floor, the fourteenth floor, and fifteenth floor...

Soon, Zen arrived at the very top of the tower!

Nothing else really mattered to him now. Default victory or qualifications to be promoted to the next level all became meaningless to Zen now.

Even the ogres had already been driven out and banished by him. He no longer needed to care about the rules of the Tower of Sin.

Standing in the center of the hall on the fifteenth floor, Zen suddenly said calmly, "All of the seat holders, please come forth! It's time to make some new rules."

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