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   Chapter 894 Lavender's Strength

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The ogre war lord leapt up and ruthlessly stepped on the arena. His immense strength caused the arena to cave in slightly, but the arena quickly recovered and returned to its normal state.

Suddenly, red lights flashed around Zen and Lavender's figure appeared beside him. Stretching out her hand, she said to him, "Give it to me."

"Give you what now? What do you mean?" Ever since Lavender recovered her consciousness, she had often jumped into situations on her own volition.

"The spear!" Lavender answered, though her tone was indifferent.

"What for?" Zen asked again.

"Let me fight for you this time," said Lavender quietly, a wry smile gracing her lips.

Perhaps she came up with such a proposal because she had stayed inside Zen's body for a long time.

Zen remembered the day Lavender wielded a spear at the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place in such an impressive manner. It was a sight to behold, and truly, he wanted to see it again. With a smile on his face, he tapped his space ring with his finger, and a long spear flew towards Lavender.

Lavender expertly caught the long spear with one hand, and her aura suddenly changed. A burst of strong malicious aura escaped from her eyes.

"What? Why the sudden substitution?"

"She's the Queen of Demon Night. You should feel greatly honored to see her fighting!"

"That's Zen's sword spirit. It could be Zen's substitute during the battle. It's quite common to see that. However, it's a strange thing to know that a substitute has its own consciousness."

On the arena, eyes of the ogre war lord glistened. At that moment, he couldn't care about anyone or anything else. Only Zen mattered to him. Even if he had to sacrifice his own life, he must kill Zen. The moment Zen was declared dead, he, the ogre war lord, would be considered a hero of the ogre race.

In the two ogre sacred places, extreme heroism was extremely adored, and for the people there, dying on the battlefield would be a great honor.

Being brought up like that, the ogre war lord didn't care about the sword spirit, nor did he care if Zen was going to fight. His only goal was to kill Zen on the arena, and he was going to do that no matter what it took.

With a deep breath, the ogre war lord let his forceful energy flow to his legs. The energy exploded, and it made him look like a fierce monster. All of a sudden, he broke out into a run, heading towards Zen and bypassing Lavender.

But before the ogre war lord was able to get any closer to Zen, Lavender said, her tone once again indifferent, "I am you opponent, you ogre." Silent and graceful, Lavender lifted her spear and pointed it at the running ogre war lord.

"Fuck off!" the ogre shouted, his gaze firm on Zen. As he rushed forward, he blocked Lavender's spear attack with his saber. Successful in doing so, he ran faster towards Zen, his eyes filled with murderous rage.

At that moment, Zen was standing in the corner of the fighting arena, his arms down and an indifferent expression on his face. Faced with the ogre war lord, he showed not on

Zen, and thus ignored the existence of Lavender and her threat. As a result, Lavender finished him off easily.

However, her second opponent seemed to be smarter and more cautious. He would still sacrifice his life to kill Zen and save his people, but he would never die without a fight. After what happened to the first one, he knew that he would be penetrated by Lavender's spear before he could even come anywhere near Zen. He even had no chance of putting up a desperate fight.

So he had to kill this woman before he could do anything else.

Unfortunately, this ogre war lord did not accurately assess Lavender's strength. There was a special 'force' hidden inside Lavender's spear, which even Zen couldn't comprehend. Each and every spear attack could create a unique wave of energy, which terrified Zen, as well as the No. 1 genius of Heavenly Feather Sacred Place, Amber.

Sometimes, Zen felt that this shapeless wave was similar to the weapon spirit inside the Tower of Sin since the weapon spirit's power directly came from the tower's previous owner. Could it be possible that Lavender was somehow related to the previous owner of the Tower of Sin?

He might have to ask her when they had free time.

Any person with common sense knew that this ogre war lord was no match for Lavender. He would never find a way to deal with Lavender's spear skills.

With just ten spear strikes, the ogre's weapon was broken to small fragments the size of a grain of rice. At last, Lavender's spear penetrated the ogre's throat.

After the ogre war lord's limp, dead body fell to the ground, a white stream of light shot towards Zen's chest.

The Lucky Light of these two ogre war lords amounted to that of ten war generals. Zen was right about ascending the eleventh floor.

It took Lavender less than ten minutes to kill two ogre war lords.

Other ogre war lords who had decided to ascend to the arena to try to kill Zen felt both desperate and discouraged. If they couldn't defeat Lavender first, how could they confront Zen?

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