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   Chapter 893 A Delicate Situation (Part Two)

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After Zen and Maurice's negotiations, many of the tenth-level war generals had volunteered to kill Zen on the arena. However, they had stopped trying to do that in the end.

Zen was a bit puzzled at first. Considering the nature of the ogres, it was highly improbable that they could refrain from challenging him on the arena. Since they were unable to kill him outside in the safe zone, it was a pretty safe bet that this impetuous race would try to deal with him legally.

In any case, he managed to land a default victory for the next several days and had no choice but to advance to the next floor.

However, when he saw these two ogre war lords, Zen understood that everyone on the tenth floor understood that it was very difficult for them to kill him, so they decided not to challenge him here and force him to advance so that more powerful warriors could deal with him on the arena.

There were fewer war generals on the eleventh floor and above. The vast majority of divine-level talents would stay on the tenth floor. Even if they had the qualifications to enter the eleventh floor, they still preferred to stay on since it allowed them to procure adequate amounts of Lucky Light and training. Only after breaking through and becoming powerful war lords, did they choose to enter the eleventh floor.

Even if Boris and Cheryl had the ability to fight against level one and level two war lords, they still chose to stay on the tenth floor and continuously absorb Lucky Light. They were bound to break through on the tenth floor eventually and then they would advance to the next floor.

Zen had no choice but to go up to the eleventh floor. In such a situation, the ogre war lords on the eleventh floor could now challenge Zen a

luential and has the highest position in the tower has the right to make the rules for the tower. That is the foundation of the Tower of Sin! The Tower of Sin has operated according to this foundation for the past hundreds of years. Isn't that why when the ogres occupied the whole Tower of Sin, no one dared to question or challenge them?"

As the crowd continued with their discussions, Zen walked into the arena and pointed at the two ogre war lords. "There are still fifteen days left for the ogres. In these fifteen days, I will also give you the opportunity to challenge me!"

"I'm going to kill him!" The ogre war lord who had gotten up from the ground had a furious expression on his face. As he finished speaking, he rushed towards the arena.

For the ogres, there were only two options left. They could either attack and destroy the Purple Heart Sacred Place within the next fifteen days or kill Zen inside the Tower of Sin.

Otherwise, it was inevitable that all the ogres got expelled from the Tower of Sin. This was going to be the greatest disgrace and humiliation they would face ever since the establishment of the two ogre sacred places.

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