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   Chapter 892 A Delicate Situation (Part One)

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The present situation on the Sea God Continent was extremely delicate. So much so that even the Tower of Sin was in a state of utter chaos, and the warriors were panicking hard.

Since the Cursed Land was filled with all sorts of races, the tower situated there was almost like a mini version of the Sea God Continent itself. In fact, the information one acquired from the Cursed Land was even more valuable and important. Some people even earned their bread and butter by collecting information from the tower and selling it.

Now, since the humans and the ogres had declared war on each other, the entire Sea God Continent looked like it had been hit by a massive typhoon. The Cursed Land itself seemed to be located in the center of that storm, and the Tower of Sin was the very eye of this cyclone.

Zen, who was inside the tower at this delicate moment, was very calm. In fact, he wasn't paying much attention to the events occurring outside the tower.

However, there was still one small problem that he was facing right now. He couldn't stay on the tenth floor anymore.

The Lucky Light he had accumulated from his numerous battles over the last few days had caused Zen to advance to a second-level war general. His strength was already tremendous and it had increased now.

The Tower of Sin really was a mysterious place. The pace at which he had advanced through the numerous cultivation levels was several times faster when done by utilizing the Lucky Light.

This was also the reason why all the races on the Sea God Continent placed so much importance on the Tower of Sin. As long as their warriors were strong enough, they could advance continuously in the Tower of Sin, and at the same time, get sufficient training and practice through battles.

At Zen's current training and advancement speed, perhaps it wasn't going to be long before he became a war lord.

And ever since he had def

re not going to go easy on them.

And if Zen refused to budge, every single ogre member would have to leave the Tower of Sin, including all of their war lords who were at the top level!

The moment Zen stepped onto the eleventh floor of the Tower of Sin, two level three war lords from the ogre race walked up to him.

"You're Zen, right? You've finally reached the eleventh floor! Are you interested in competing in the arena right now?"

"You're just a second-level war general. And you are daring enough to climb up to the eleventh floor. You're really so reckless!"

The two ogre war lords tried to provoke Zen into a fight.

In fact, the ogres already understood clearly that they were unable to defeat Zen in the Tower of Sin. Even Bradley, the fourth strongest war lord among all, had been instantly killed by Zen. How could the warriors from any other races be a match for him!

This meant that there was only one way left for the ogres now, and that was to kill Zen on the arena.

That was just the way ogres were. Even though they weren't strong enough to stand up against Zen, they were still willing to fight him to the death. In addition to Boris, there were lots of other tenth-level ogre war generals on the tenth floor of the Tower of Sin too.

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