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   Chapter 891 The Situation (Part Two)

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As long as they survived a whole month, they would be able to see the results!

If it would be just what Fabian had said, the moment Zen successfully expelled all the ogres, the humans would not just get five seats in the Tower of Sin—they could gain all the other seats abandoned by the ogres! And even if Zen decided to give some seats to the Demon Night, the humans would be able to keep at least a dozen seats.

In this way, the humans would grow very powerful and prominent within a very short time. They would even become the second most powerful force in the Tower of Sin!

The Tower of Sin was a mini version of the Sea God Continent. The strength of the various races in the Tower of Sin was a replica of the powers that existed in the Sea God Continent!

If humans would be able to occupy so many seats and the number of human masters would only continue to grow larger and larger, before long, the Purple Heart Sacred Place would also become very strong and influential. By then, humans would truly rise to prominence in the Sea God Continent.

And Miguel Situ was still very young. As long as he didn't die anytime soon, he would be able to witness this resurgence in person! Under his leadership!

If this happened, and if the human race and the Purple Heart Sacred Place truly prospered, Miguel Situ would surely be happy.

"No matter what, we have to face what's coming and try our best to fight the ogres!"

"Well, I think it would be best if Zen comes to the Purple Heart Sacred Place..."

The two elders continued to come up with ideas.

Suddenly, a bitter smile appeared on Miguel's lips. "It is hard to invite that guy to come here. I've already told Fabian to invite him twice, but he just won't come! If all of us can get through this month, I hope that he can make a trip to the Pu

e only needed to bring her warriors there and observe. If the ogres wouldn't attack the Purple Heart Sacred Place, then Amber wouldn't act against the two ogre sacred places.

Over two hundred years ago, Amber entered the Tower of Sin. At that time, she had accumulated a lot of enmity with the ogres, and the ogres were always against her.

Amber had always wanted to find a chance to destroy the ogres. Unfortunately, no such opportunity had ever presented itself to her. Although the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place was a seventh-grade sacred place, if Amber forcefully fought against and destroyed the two ogre sacred places, the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place would also suffer huge losses. By then, the other races might take the chance to attack the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place.

However, right now, Amber realized that Zen's appearance had created the perfect opportunity for her to weaken the ogres without sacrificing a single soldier. What was better was she could even see the ogres slowly die out.

Even if Lavender did not give this order, Amber would still choose to make a move—this move. She was not particularly friends with the humans, but in her eyes, the enemy of her enemy was her friend!

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