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   Chapter 890 The Situation (Part One)

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The Purple Heart Sacred Place sprouted from the Purple Heart Sect.

As for the words 'Purple Heart', it was derived from the name of a spring water in the Sun Mountain. Its name was Purple Heart Spring.

As this incomparably clean spring water flowed through the Sun Mountain, it would fuse with a very special type of mineral resource that was unique to the area. As a result of that, the spring water would have a distinctive purple glow. It was said that anyone who drank the water from the Purple Heart Spring would live healthily and strongly their whole life and would not get sick, even once.

At that time, the Purple Heart Sect was also a small second-grade sect. However, under the pressure from the other races, the Purple Heart Sect had been forced to continuously merge with other human sects, until they finally grew into a larger sect, effectively becoming the most important refuge for humans.

The Purple Heart Spring had now become the sacred spring water of the Purple Heart Sacred Place. Although this spring water didn't have much effect on warriors, the numerous humans of the Purple Heart Sacred Place were still honored and proud to be able to drink from the Purple Heart Spring!

Three human men stood beside the Purple Heart Spring.

One of the three men wore a purple crown, and he looked very handsome and attractive. No one could tell how high his cultivation base was. His name was Miguel Situ, and he was the current leader of the Purple Heart Sacred Place. He had already reached the Soul Sea Realm.

The other two were elderly men. Although they looked weathered and old, their eyes were sharp like lightning and they looked energetic.

These two old men were also the masters of the Soul Sea Realm. They had a long lifespan—some warriors of the Soul Sea Realm who had lived for a long time c

uter perimeter of the Purple Heart Sacred Place, they hadn't taken any other action. The ogres had not dared to take a step closer to the Purple Heart Sacred Place, mainly because Amber was bringing her warriors into the range of the two ogre sacred places.

Despite Miguel Situ not being worried, the humans of the Purple Heart Sacred Place were still worried.

Majority of those people were still unwilling to tie their fate to Zen who was just a first-level war general!

The warriors with the lowest ranks in the Purple Heart Sacred Place and even some strong war sages couldn't trust Zen!

This was considering that Miguel Situ had already spread the news of what had happened in the Tower of Sin. When people heard of that, instead of being comforted and excited for the future of human race, many chose not to believe it and called Zen a fraud. Many war lords and war sages even began evacuating their families away from the Purple Heart Sacred Place!

That made Miguel Situ very upset, but there wasn't much that he could do. He couldn't enter the Cursed Land, and it was even more impossible for him to go against an ogre master of the Soul Sea Realm. The only thing he could do at that time was to wait.

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