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   Chapter 888 The Game Of War (Part One)

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Lavender, as the queen of the Demon Night, exuded an air of superiority in front of anyone!

Even the war sages, or the Soul Sea Realm masters would have felt that they were a cut below her, if they were to face her powerful aura, not to even mention the top-level war lords in the Tower of Sin.

However, when only Zen was with her, she would drop her airs and become much more casual in her manner.

For example, over the past few days while Zen had been cultivating in the practice room, she would come forth from his body and walk around. She would even nag about certain things around Zen…

She was greatly different from how she had been before. This kind of contrast surprised Zen tremendously. Occasionally, she would even mutter a few curses, leaving him even more speechless.

At hearing Zen's ultimatum and seeing him summon his sword spirit, Maurice's face had darkened completely.

Maurice wasn't an idiot. How could he forget the existence of the prominent Heavenly Feather Sacred Place on this continent?

However, would the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place truly stand up and aid the Purple Heart Sacred Place because of this so-called 'queen'? Maurice could not help feeling doubtful about this.

It seemed that the top-level war lords of the Demon Night did have a great respect for their 'queen'. However, if a war really broke out among the many grand sacred places, he assumed that the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place would not necessary desire to become involved.

If Maurice had traveled with Zen on his last visit to the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place, he would have known that the Demon Night's great loyalty to their queen was indeed true.

To the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place, Lavender was like a spiritual totem. Even if she were to order the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place to attack the Flamin

ment upon returning to the ogres' sacred place.

However, what Zen had suggested about the one-month grace period meant that Maurice didn't have to take much responsibility for what would happen.

After all, if the decision were shifted and became the responsibility of the two sacred places, it was no longer Maurice who would have to decide whether or not the ogres could stay in the Tower of Sin, but rather the powerful Soul Sea Realm masters in the Flaming Ogre Sacred Place and the Dread Ogre Sacred Place.

Thinking of this, Maurice was much relieved.

"Oh, now I understand it." He then stood up and ordered the ogres beside him, "Remove Bradley's corpse immediately. Today's negotiations will end here!"

Maurice then prepared to leave the hall. But after taking a few steps, he turned his head to Zen and gruffly said, "Thank you."

Many warriors in the hall felt it strange that Maurice would say thanks to Zen. Only the few intelligent ones, like Lavender and Esther, got it, while all the others were all dumb struck.

Zen had killed Maurice's comrade and just forced him to possibly take all of the ogres out of the Tower of Sin. So why would Maurice have felt grateful to Zen after all this?

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