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   Chapter 886 The Negotiation Broke Down (Part Two)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 5948

Updated: 2019-08-08 04:51

Be that as it might, the top-level war lords of the ogres who had just been quietly standing behind Maurice couldn't take the humiliation anymore. But the most infuriated one of them all was the second ranked ogre, Bradley. The immense rage he felt was written all over his face, and his majestic aura was spilling all over the place. He was prepared to make a move if need be.

Aside from Bradley, the other top-level war lords were also heaving uncontrollably as they had their attention focused solely on Zen. They couldn't wait to get their hands on him and devour him completely.

Upon noticing that his companions were already raring to make the first move, Maurice waved his hand to dissuade them from doing so. Then, he went on and said in a rather subdued voice, "You want us to step out of the Tower of Sin. That is something we couldn't possibly agree to. That is such an outrageous demand. You're asking for too much. Choose something more reasonable."

"Too much?" Upon hearing such an audacious statement, Zen couldn't help himself from chuckling. "You wanted to have me killed. Wouldn't you say that was too much? If I were not strong enough to defend myself, I can say for certain that I would have died hundreds of times by now. I have no intention of killing every single one of your kind. I only want you out of this tower. I wouldn't really call that too much."

Maurice was completely baffled by his crude remarks. Given that Zen had the nerve to say something like that, it would either be because he had so much faith in himself or because he was a stupid idiot who just wanted to run his mouth. It was clear that the latter had no chance of being true. From the way things looked, Zen was so confident that he could deal with the ogres with ease. To be

ep breath.

It wasn't just the top-level war lords of the ogres who felt horrified, even the top-level war lords of the Demon Night and the human race visibly had fear embedded onto their faces.

The control Zen had over the Tower of Sin was far beyond what anybody could've expected it to be.

The strength Bradley had been endowed with was ranked fourth out of the 128 seat owners. He was only second to Esther of the Demon Night, Maurice of the ogres, and another top-level war lord.

Taking into consideration the fact that Zen was capable of borrowing the power of the Tower of Sin to easily lay waste to Bradley, then, it should go without saying that he also held the power to annihilate every single creature inside the tower.

Truth be told, even Esther and Maurice themselves wouldn't be able to hold a candle to Zen.

Mighty warriors wouldn't just jump at the jaws of death. In spite of being certain that Zen wouldn't lay a hand on her, Esther still looked so fretful, unsure of what could happen next.

As for Fabian and Jarrod, their thoughts were all over the place. They had no idea how to explain what they were feeling after having witnessed all of that.

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