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   Chapter 885 The Negotiation Broke Down (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-08-08 00:42

In the end, everyone's gaze completely fixated on Zen.

Wearing a deadpan look on his face, Zen appeared as if his mind was wandering somewhere else.

Upon catching a glimpse of Zen's expression, Maurice, as well as the other ogre war lords, all had to force themselves to remain composed, patiently waiting for him to say something.

These war lords had been living for dozens, and some even hundreds, of years. At this point, each and every single one of them was gazing at a man who was barely even twenty years of age, anticipating what he was going to say. Truly, this was such a peculiar event.

The ogres all had fiery tempers even from the time of their birth. One of the top-level war lords couldn't take it any longer and outright said, "Brat, haven't you made up your mind already? Five seats should already be more than adequate to give face to the human race!"

The name of this top-level war lord was Bradley, and he belonged to the top ten top-level war lords of the ogres. Out of the 128 seat owners, he was ranked fourth, meaning to say, the power and standing he held were second only to Maurice within the ogres.

Taking a brief apathetic look at the top-level war lord, Zen was still thinking about what would be the best course of action to take. A hint of a scornful smile even slipped onto his face.

"We can discuss this matter the easy way or the hard way. However, it's quite apparent that you'd rather choose the latter. If you continue acting like this, then you can just forget about those five seats. Even if it is just one seat, we still have to consider it carefully. And it's five seats that we're talking about here." Noticing the contemptuous smile on Zen's face instantly ignited a fire inside Bradley's heart. He was beginning to fume with rage.

As everyone around them would know, ogres tended to

eady tried his best to look friendly. After Zen finished speaking, Maurice's expression gradually turned gloomy. "Since you don't intend to live in peace with us, what do you want?"

The corner of Zen's mouth slightly rose. "The ogres give up all their seats and get the hell out of the Tower of Sin!"

As the words were coming out of his mouth one by one, Fabian, as well as the other humans present, had all been kept at the edge of their seats, holding their breaths. Esther, on the other hand, lowered her stance, preparing herself in case something happened, worrying that the ogre war lords might not be able to take it anymore and start a fight. And it wasn't just Esther, but all the other war lords of the Demon Night obviously became apprehensive, with their hearts pounding uncontrollably.

The statement Zen had just made left everyone around him in shock. Ogres went there, genuinely intending to cooperate with humans, and yet there he was, asking all of them to leave the Tower of Sin. The audacity this brat had! How could this be happening?

Through all of that, Maurice was still unyielding in his huge seat. And despite the grim look he had on his face, he still wasn't showing any signs of being upset.

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