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   Chapter 884 Sincerity

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In this one particular hall at the living area on the tenth floor of the Tower of Sin, warriors who hung out there were asked to leave the place. Some with their heads bowed out of disappointment, some filled with rage. Regardless, they all made their way out.

A group of top-level war lords had taken over. Back then, real rules included entering and leaving the place in your own free will. But, at that crucial point, rules were disregarded.

Reluctantly leaving the place, some war generals kept their sentiments to themselves. A powerful war was brewing right before them, and to obey the order of the top-level war lords was the most honorable thing to do at that point.

In the hall, Maurice was sitting on a corner with a scornful look on his face. Ogres all had impressive heights and enormous builds and Maurice's figure was above the average due to his extraordinary height. Even for an ogre, he was exceptionally tall, even when he was sitting.

Right behind him were three expressionless top-level war lords that gave out a terrifying aura. Despite all their differences, they were somehow thinking about the same things at that exact moment.

The death of the two war sages was a huge blow to the ogres. It was not easy for them to bear. It caused their race a lot, so to speak.

What had made things more complicated was Zen's effect on the ogres. They were now in a dilemma.

Zen was seated between Fabian and Jarrod. Even if Zen was capable of defending himself and controlling the Tower of Sin altogether, they just couldn't risk Maurice attacking him.

It was a grand idea that Esther took three top-level war lords from the Demon Night with her. If a war with the ogres started at that very scene, they would be more than prepared for it.

"You truly are a young hero. For thousands of years, no living creature has ever completely controlled the Tower of Sin as you have. I'm no believer of fate, but with you, it just seemed like everything was meant to be!" Maurice laughed.

"I don't believe in fate either. It solely depends on the man himself. We make our own choices. We write our own stories. We make our fate," Zen smiled faintly in response.

"A human once said that manpower has its limits. By assessing the situation carefully is how we determine whether or not we can proceed with our actions. Otherwise, we only suffer in the end." Maurice, amused by his own words, had managed to laugh once again.

Indirectly, Maurice was trying to remind Zen that even he could have the upper hand in the war by working with the Demon Night or he could even expel the entire ogre race from the Tower of Sin, he just couldn't disregard the Flaming Ogre Sacred Place as well as the Dread Ogre Sacred Place.

Zen only chuckled as a response.

"But I'm curious. How much of the entire Tower of Sin can you control? Legend has it that the Tower of Sin is actually a weapon of a powerful master from the Upper World. Is that true?" Maurice asked.

There were countless speculations surrounding the Tower of Sin. Some said that it was place owned by a certain race for cultivation of some

ked at Zen with a smile.

Some of the top-level war lords standing behind Maurice had indignant and sullen looks on their faces. Giving five seats for the humans was a humiliation for them. Ultimately, this would mean that five ogres would lose their seats at the Tower of Sin.

Both Fabian and Jarrod were thrilled about this.

It was quite a generous offer. Five more seats for the humans meant that they instantly got twenty-five more tickets to enter the Dark Nether Cave. In addition to the previous four seats they had, they would have a total of nine. Even if they still didn't qualify for the third rank at the tower, that was enough for them to rank fourth.

At this moment, Fabian's and Jarrod's eyes were glinting with excitement like stars. How they hoped for Zen to take upon the offer! They itched to report such good news to the Purple Heart Sacred Place.

The Purple Heart Sacred Place constituents only hoped for a single seat the first time Zen caught their attention.

But earning five seats for humans while he was on the tenth floor, before he even reached the top of the tower? It was mind-blowing. They never imagined such a thing to occur.

'Hurry up, kid! What do you think?' Fabian urged in her mind. Both Fabian and Jarrod clenched their fists in hopes that Zen would agree immediately.

With eager eyes, Jarrod looked at Zen. The ogre race had imposed their authority over other races for a long time. It should be considered a huge gift for the human race that ogres were willing to give five seats to them. What if Maurice just suddenly changed his mind?

Esther couldn't help but sigh upon having a glance at how desperate Fabian and Jarrod looked. Human race had been weak for too many years, and they couldn't change anything. Fortunately for them and for the fate of their race, Zen emerged. The mere thought of having five more seats was going to make radical changes for them. No wonder they got so excited. However, it was a matter of serious discussion. They should be more patient and wait for Zen to make a more clever bargain.

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