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   Chapter 883 Dominant Physical Strength

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Despite facing against an orc war lord gone berserk, Zen stood his ground and refused to retreat.

This encounter would only serve as the one of many fights he would be taking part in once he ascended the Tower of Sin's upper floors. Although his cultivation base had been increasing at a faster rate, he still found it important to measure his true strength. Fighting this berserk orc war lord was a very good opportunity to do just that.

Anyone who chose to walk the path of martial arts must always be adequately prepared and plan at least ten steps ahead. Zen, despite knowing that he had a good fate, knew that luck would not always be by his side. The only true way to survive a warrior's life was to continually persevere and strengthen himself.

Zen's eyes flashed dangerously as the orc lifted his battle axe and prepared to swing it down.

He immediately countered it with his sword and a powerful force was transmitted through the clashing of their two weapons.

Zen felt his palm tingle slightly from the force waves that reverberated from the axe, through his sword, and up to his arm.

Had it been another person facing the orc, he would've already let go of his sword!

Clank! Clank! Clank!

Each swing of their blades produced a crisp sound as they clashed. Both unyielding with their attack.

However, just as the orc's axe came in contact once again with the sword, the blade slid and suddenly went through the thick steel. Zen's sword had sliced the orc's axe in two!

The orc war lord had originally been an independent cultivator so he naturally did not possess any good weapons. Though his battle axes were considered top-grade fairy weapons, they were still nothing against Zen's top-grade sacred weapon.

With his axes literally ripped to shreds by Zen's blade, the orc war lord's attacks ceased.

But it wasn't over. The orc threw away his weapons and let out an earth-shaking roar!

Layers upon layers of forceful energy began to coat his body, taking on the form of sparkling, black scales

"Another change? This is beast transmogrifying!"

The beast transmogrifying method wasn't new to Zen since he had seen Owen use it back in the Central Region. The only difference now was that an orc's beast transmogrifying ability was inborn since a portion of their bloodline was originally inherited from wild beasts.

As soon as the black scales covered his entire body, the orc war lord immediately rushed towards Zen.

Zen sneered, "You think your layer of scales will be enough to block my sword?"

A top-grade sacred weapon's hardness and strength were out of this world! Undeterred by the orc war lord charging towards him, Zen stood his ground and lifted his blade.

Against his top-grade sacred weapon, the layer of scales on the orc war lord's body was like fragile sheets of paper. Zen swung his sword down and expected to cut through the orc's flesh - however, this wasn't what happened.

The moment his blade touched the scales, a powerful force suddenly erupted fr

a war lord! When that day comes, even if he does not use the power of the Tower of Sin, no one will be his match in this tower!"

Zen walked to his long sword and put it away in his space ring before making his way out of the arena. Just as he walked out, a sixth-level ogre war lord came towards him.

The moment the ogre made his approach, Olivia's and Cheryl's eyes quickly flickered.

Although Zen was able to control the power of the Tower of Sin and was more than capable of protecting himself, the Demon Night and the human race could not be put at ease. Nobody wanted anything to happen to him at this point in time so both races had sent people to protect Zen in private.

"Zen!" the ogre called out.

Zen raised an eyebrow. "What do you want?" he asked indifferently.

"Maurice wants to have a talk with you," the ogre answered, referring to their race's elder.

"When?" Zen asked, raising an eyebrow.


Zen nodded in affirmation, "I know it now. Thank you."

Once he had delivered his message, the ogre quickly turned around and left. With him gone, Cheryl and Olivia quickly made their way towards Zen.

Zen greeted Olivia with a smile, "You were right! They're already in a hurry to negotiate!"

Cheryl nodded at Zen's words, "I'll go inform Esther!" she said.

No one would be able to guarantee that Maurice would be fair in the negotiations. As the number two seat owner of the Tower of Sin, he surely had some tricks up his sleeve. Esther's presence was necessary since she was the only person who could intimidate Maurice.

Cheryl made quick work of informing Esther about Maurice's invitation while Olivia did the same to Elder Jing. Upon nightfall, many top-level war lords descended from the upper floors. All four seat-owners from the human race were present while Esther and the other three seat-owners from Demon Night also arrived.

Since the ogres themselves had initiated the negotiations, the result of that night's talks would be especially important.

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