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   Chapter 882 The Head-to-head Battle (Part Two)

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For that reason, it was relatively easier for Zen to deal with this second-level war lord than to fight against Boris.

Despite this, if he somehow faced a war lord from the sacred place, Zen reckoned that he could at most only defeat a second-level war lord or a third-level war lord. If it ever so happened that he encountered a fourth-level war lord or a war lord with a much higher level, he had to try his best to dodge and even flee the match. After all, his cultivation base was far lower than theirs.

In the end, this was also the reason as to why Zen did not choose to advance into the next floor. On the eleventh floor of the Tower of Sin, Zen could indeed earn more points, but he would also have to face some war lords he could not easily defeat.

There might be even more chances to acquire Lucky Light on the eleventh floor, but the risk was too high for Zen. After all, the amount of Lucky Light was just a bit larger than that of the tenth floor. Therefore, it was a wiser decision for Zen to accumulate it on his current floor. Moreover, he could gather the Lucky Light in an easier way if he had stayed, without facing any unpredictable and formidable war lords.

Hearing the discussions of the audience while he was still fighting with Zen, the orc war lord could not believe his ears when he realized that they were resolute on the notion that he could not be a match for the first-level war general. The orcs had always been those kinds of creatures that always had a fiery temper, so it was understandable that he was now completely livid at the fact that they were underestimating his capabilities.

In a flash, the orc war lord's eyes glowed red and layers upon layers of forceful energy wrapped around his battle axe. At the same time, what appeared to look like dense red lights were discharged from his fists!

With a gasp, a warrior from the audience exclaimed, "It's absolute madness!

lord, she wondered what Zen intended to do next after witnessing a fully enraged orc!

Since Olivia was able to stay in the tenth floor, she had naturally fought with some of the orcs before. Furthermore, even though she had defeated three orc tenth-level war generals, it was not because Olivia's strength was stronger than the orc war generals. It was more of the fortunate circumstance that those orc war generals were stupid even if they did have the amazing ability of recovering faster than normal.

During the moments of her own fight against orcs, Olivia only needed to constantly dodge their attacks as her strategy was to thoroughly exhaust them until they eventually died on the arena. Even if her opponents managed to activate the madness mode, they would definitely be unable to do anything offensive to the incomparably quick-witted Olivia.

However, if Olivia decided to conduct a head-to-head battle with an orc war general, she might not even be marginally close to defeating a seventh-level or eighth-level war general by herself, let alone a tenth-level orc war general.

On the other hand, Zen did not dodge despite the odds stacked against him. With a determined mind, he planned to use his top-grade sacred long sword to fight with this orc war lord.

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