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   Chapter 881 The Head-to-head Battle (Part One)

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It was the first time Zen had encountered a second-level war lord after becoming a war general.

In spite of this, Cheryl and the other Demon Night members, as well as Olivia and the other human warriors were not overly concerned about him.

Back then when Zen was only a level ten war fighter, he had already successfully defeated Boris who happened to be a level ten war general. It was well-known to everyone that Boris possessed powerful abilities that enabled him to be considered as the strongest divine-level talent in the two sacred places of the ogre. The early-stage war lord might not be a match for Boris.

At the present, the orc war lord seemed to be impatient. As soon as he finished speaking, he grunted while lifting the two huge axes from his back, and rushed towards Zen.

As a matter of fact, all of the orcs were short in stature, and the orc war lord in front of Zen was not even tall enough to reach Zen's chest. However, what they lacked in height was made up in other aspects. The bodies of the orcs were sturdy, and their blood energy was far stronger than other races. For the orcs, injuries and fatal wounds were nothing to worry about, as their healing abilities were much stronger than other races.

Upon seeing the orc war lord charging towards where he stood, Zen sported an apathetic expression on his face as he pulled out a long sword from his space ring.

The moment the spectators observed the scene, they were immediately stunned by the appearance of the long sword in Zen's hand.

"This guy has changed his weapon again?" a member of the audience asked.

"His previous long sword is at the low-grade of sacred level, right? His current sword…"

"It is a top-grade weapon! It's a long sword at the top-grade of sacred level," one of them mused before continuing. "That guy must be very wealthy to possess something like that…"

In reality, a top-grade sacred weapon was rare indeed even in the sacred place.

As a supreme master of the Demon Night, Amber would not lie to Lavender. The long sw

es who can probably suppress Zen in the Tower of Sin are the top-level war lords!"

Indeed, many of the creatures in the Tower of Sin thought highly of Zen. After all, Zen was just a first-level war general that had accomplished great things thus far. One of the main reasons as to why Zen could resist the second-level war lord was that this particular war lord was merely an independent warrior, not from the orc sacred place.

In the Central Region, many independent warriors were much stronger than those who came from various sects. This was due to the fact that independent warriors' strength grew more and more powerful and ultimately greater by totally relying on their own abilities. Although the sect warriors did possess some sort of sect inheritance, their battle experience was significantly inferior to the proficiency of independent warriors in that area.

On the other hand, in the Sea God Continent, when it came to sacred places, the inheritance one might get was more important than battle experience.

Furthermore, most of the warriors of the Sea God Continent had climbed up in the Tower of Sin after defeating numerous warriors from all kinds of races. Even the warriors from sacred places did not lack combat experience, so the independent warriors of the continent were substandard when compared to the geniuses of the sacred places.

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