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   Chapter 880 Argument

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Located in number two space was a huge volcano where lava constantly flowed down and gathered, creating a tall, fiery waterfall.

The molten red waterfall further converged into a deep pool at the bottom of the volcano, like a fearsome devil's lair.

Each space was like a small, compact world.

Even Soul Sea Realm masters wouldn't have the ability to create such small worlds. It was a feat that could only be done by the great masters of the Upper World.

All 128 spaces functioned like 128 individual worlds and had been inside the Tower of Sin since the very beginning.

If one obtained the authority over a small world, he would be able to freely change its topography. One could split open the earth, flatten mountains, and create an entirely new landscape if he willed it.

However, there was no spiritual energy within these small worlds, so it was impossible to stay and train.

Around the deep lava pool stood twenty-six black stone pillars, on top of which were the twenty-six ogre seat owners.

Maurice stood on the first pillar. "Zen has already returned!" he declared in a loud voice as he swept his cold eyes over the crowd. "But we have yet to come to an agreement."

"Just kill him directly!" a top-level war lord said sternly. "He is just a weak war general, while we are top-level war lords. If all of us work together and come at him, I'm sure we'll be able to reduce him to dust," he added.

"Agreed!" another top-level war lord chimed in. "If we're afraid of a mere war general, we will lose our dignity! The other races will think we're cowards!"

Malcom snorted. "Cut the bullshit!' he burst angrily. "Do you think you're stronger than war sages Colin and Neil? Even the two of them couldn't resist Zen. How sure are you that you can defeat him?"

Malcom's words effectively silenced the many top-level war lords present.

However, one of them spoke, "So what?" The air was tense but the top-level war lord continued, "Zen can indeed summon the Tower of Sin's power and kick us out. But the question remains. Can he actually use this power to kill someone? I don't think so!"

Zen had not killed Colin and Neil personally. He simply kicked them out of the tower and let the Cursed Land's mysterious power finish them off.

However, they, as top-level war lords, would not be affected by the Cursed Land. Even if Zen kicked them out, they could enter the first floor and climb up the tower all over again.

And, if all top-level war lords rushed forward to fight Zen, it would be impossible for him to kick them out all in one go.

Their plan, though potentially reckless, could just work.

The questions remained though.

How much control did Zen really have over the Tower of Sin? Could he directly kill someone? Or was it all just limited to him being able to kick someone out?

Only Zen knew.


The orc war lord seemed to be an independent warrior and did not belong to any orc sacred place. He only focused on cultivation and did not pay much attention to the comings-and-goings of the outside world.

He had entered the Tower of Sin as a war lord and would usually win through default victories and advance freely on each floor. He wouldn't encounter obstacles until he reached the floor on which Zen was staying.

The second-level war lord had challenged Zen and seemed to be unaware of his deeds. He had managed to advance through default victories from the first to the tenth floor, only staying on each floor for three days.

When he saw Zen, the orc couldn't help but sneer, "A human war general? And at the first level? Interesting."

With full swagger, he walked onto the arena and challenged Zen.

The war lord's challenge piqued the interest of many of the tenth-level war generals. Even Cheryl and Olivia went to the spectator's stand to watch.

However, Zen frowned at the sight of the orc challenger.

The expression on his human opponent's face greatly displeased the orc war lord. "Human boy," he growled, "are you not satisfied with me being your opponent?"

"Yes, I am indeed dissatisfied," Zen answered him bluntly. "You climbed all the way up here without obtaining any Lucky Light." Zen had stopped on the tenth floor in order to earn the Lucky Light. There was no trace of Lucky Light in the orc's token, which meant Zen's victory would be useless.

The orc immediately felt his irritation rise. Zen's words clearly denoted that he could easily defeat a war lord like him, but the victory would be worthless since he didn't have any Lucky Light. He let out a cold, sinister laugh. "I once had a meal of human meat a few years ago. It tasted very delicious," he snarled. "If I defeat you, I will cut you up and serve myself a stew out of your meat!"

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