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   Chapter 879 Negotiation

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"Good job!" Zen praised enthusiastically.

The corners of Olivia's lips curled up with pleasure as she smiled. "I'm far from being on par with you!"

Olivia had already been a tenth level war general, while Zen had only been a tenth level war fighter before. Even after he had refined the Lucky Light, he still only ranked as a first level war general now.

But Olivia knew that she was far from being a match for Zen.

Apart from Olivia, all of the other human war generals on the tenth floor had also gathered around. Even Dylon, who was driven mad by jealousy of Zen, also looked at Zen with respect now.

Now, not only had Zen shocked the entire Tower of Sin, he had also shocked the entire Purple Heart Sacred Place of the human race.

When Zen had entered the Tower of Sin for the first time, people of the Purple Heart Sacred Place felt that as long as Zen grew stronger in the Tower of Sin, it was very likely that he would help the human race to win a seat.

Humans were so weak. They would be very contented indeed if they were able to gain even one more seat in the Tower of Sin. After all, the four seats which they already possessed had not come easy.

The higher Zen had climbed in the Tower of Sin, the more he had shown his strength and potential. The warriors in the upper floors of the Tower of Sin and the Purple Heart Sacred Place now paid more and more attention to Zen. After Elder Jing had met with Zen, he had concluded that not only would Zen help them obtain a seat in the Tower of Sin, but the seat which he would earn could rank within the very top. He would potentially enter into at least the top thirty among the 128 seat owners.

Elder Jing thought very highly of Zen! However, since the day that humans had entered the Tower of Sin, not one of them had been able to rank in the top 50!

From the moment in which Zen had entered the Tower of Sin, the four human seat owners at the top of the tower had also been closely watching his progress. No one had expected that after he got out of the Talent Tablet, he would have come into such a huge conflict with the ogres. The Demon Night was also involved.

More unexpectedly, Zen had single handedly turned the tide. Even the two war sages, kept in the Tower of Sin through some secret means by the ogres, had been kicked out by Zen.

Zen's performance so far had greatly exceeded Elder Jing's expectation every time. Of course, Zen had surprised and dumbfounded all the races on the Sea God Continent.

The Tower of Sin had always been at the focus of all the sacred places of the Sea God Continent. Now Zen's name had spread like wild fire throughout the Sea God Continent in just a few days.

On the Sea God Continent, it was similar as in the Central Region where the talents who had a chance of entering the Soul Sea Realm were called divine-level talents. But there were two extra words that had appeared before Zen's name on the Talent Tablet, which read, 'Celestial Position'. As a result, Zen was now called the Celestial Position talent by tens of millions of creatures.

As to why these two words had appeared before Zen's name, only Zen knew the reason.

d what Olivia was hesitant about. However, he liked her straightforward approach. Truthfulness was a rare quality which he respected. He chuckled and said, "If possible, I will wipe out all of the ogres from the Tower of Sin!"

Olivia gasped at Zen's words. "Wipe out all of the ogres from the Tower of Sin? Can you really do that?"

Zen shrugged and replied with equal honesty, "I am not sure, but I will do my best!"

Hearing his words, Olivia felt relieved. Although she hadn't spent much time with Zen, the man that she had come to know was not the type of person who talked big. He either said nothing or stuck it out to the end once he gave his word.

"Right now, there are also different opinions conflicting within the ogre race. But I guess that they will still come to you for negotiation," Olivia looked a little worried as she said this.

She only said half of what she had intended to say. The other half was actually that if the ogres promised Zen huge benefits during the negotiation, would he change sides?

"Negotiation?" Zen cocked one eyebrow as he considered this possibility. Then he smiled and said, "Then I'll see how much they can offer!"

There were indeed disagreements raging within the ogre race.

On the top floor of the Tower of Sin, there were a total of 128 spaces, each of them separated from one another, similar to the Sumeru Space in the space ring. However, space rings couldn't house living beings, while the space on the top floor of the Tower of Sin didn't have such a restriction.

Each seat owner had their own space. This was also the reason why there were always only 128 seats at the top of the Tower of Sin.

Every space had a door that bore the number of the seat in it. For example, Esther from the Demon Night ranked first out of 128 seat owners, so her space was number one.

Maurice ranked second among the one hundred and twenty-eight seat owners, so his space was labelled as number two.

During this period of time, the twenty-six seat owners of the ogre race gathered together every day, arguing endlessly about how to deal with Zen.

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