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   Chapter 878 The Way Zen Went To The Tenth Floor

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When Zen stepped onto the first floor of the Tower of Sin, many creatures of various races stared at him with eyes filled with reverence.

However, the eyes of the many ogre war fighters were only filled with unbridled fear.

Even though Zen was a human war general less than twenty years old and had only been in the Tower of Sin for three months, he had already turned the tables for the entire human race.

Despite being just a mere war general who used to be a war fighter when he had first entered the Tower of Sin, he had rendered the top-level war lords helpless, and had even used the power of the Cursed Land to indirectly kill two ogre war sages.

No one in their right mind would attribute those to luck and coincidence.

Regardless of the process, Zen had indeed succeeded and had thoroughly suppressed the arrogance of the ogres.

In the past, from the first floor to the fourteenth floor of the Tower of Sin, regardless of whether it was an ogre war fighter or an ogre war general, they were all superior to other creatures. Their powerful race had more seats in the Tower of Sin than any other race, and they also had the most powerful forces on the Sea God Continent.

Also, no creature dared to confront the ogres head on. Apart from the Demon Night, the other races could only clench their fists in anger in front of them.

The reason why the ogres were so arrogant was that they were the most powerful race on the Sea God Continent.

However, the ogres had been very restrained recently. From war fighters to war generals, and even war lords, their voices were not as loud as they had been in the past. One could even find a trace of fear and uncertainty on their faces as of late.

It was because they didn't know what Zen was going to do to them when he returned to the Tower of Sin.

Would he drive all the ogres out of the tower? Or would he just kill them all?

Zen seemed to have used some kind of power to expel the two powerful ogre war sages out of the Tower of Sin.

But whether or not Zen could use the power of the Tower of Sin to exterminate the creatures in the tower, or whether he had any other methods, everything would still depend on how well Zen controlled the tower. The outsiders couldn't figure it out. After all, the Tower of Sin itself was very mysterious. The creatures on the Sea God Continent didn't know its origins or the secrets of the Cursed Land.

In short, ever since Zen did what he did, the ogres had been acting like struggling fishes on a chopping board. They were in such a tricky situation. Now, as for whether they would fight Zen or would instead try to make peace with him, everyone could only wait and see.

After entering the first floor of the To

s standing firmly at the side of the arena, watching her attack take effect. A ray of Lucky Light shot out from the giant's body, shooting towards the token on her chest.

Pak, pak, pak! A clear round of applause for her rang out.

Slowly walking towards the arena, Zen stretched out his hands to clap with the spectators. At that moment, the eyes of all the creatures on the tenth floor were focused on him.

In the days following Zen's departure, many humans had already felt the subtle changes in the Tower of Sin.

In this situation, even a fool would understand that the human race was on the verge of rising up.

In the past, as long as humans stepped into the arena, they would encounter endless ridicule and hostility from other races. Their opponents would also never show mercy to them. Humans were likely to get severely injured or killed by their opponents in the arena.

In the past few days, however, whenever humans walked into the arena, their opponents would always be extremely cautious. Even if humans were defeated, their opponents would not take advantage of the victory to pursue and take their lives.

This change caused many of the humans to become overjoyed. It was very clear that this change originated from one person, and that person was Zen.

Although the human race still only had four seats, it wouldn't be long before that number would increase. Every human was excited for it, for how far the human race could grow. At first, all of that seemed like it would depend on how far the ogres would be willing to give in. Now, however, it seemed like it solely depended on how Zen would behave.

And on that gracious day, Zen had finally returned.

When Olivia saw Zen clapping his hands, a smile appeared on her lips. She then quickly jumped off the arena and walked towards him.

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