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   Chapter 877 Restrain Themselves

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Lavender pulled back the silver spear and held it in her hand, rather satisfied with her new weapon. Seeing Zen's startled expression, she said calmly, "It's a pity that you focus on practicing the sword. Otherwise, I can teach you some spear arts of the Demon Night."

Although Lavender had focused on practicing the sword too before the age of twenty, the sword techniques she had cultivated at that time weren't the best techniques of the Demon Night. Her swordsmanship was no better than the swordsmanship Zen had mastered. Moreover, it was difficult for a man like Zen to perform the graceful sword dance.

However, Lavender's spear arts was extraordinary. It was one of the most quintessential and unique techniques of Demon Night.

Zen blinked in response. Since he had chosen to practice the sword out of all the weapons, he wouldn't give up so easily.

It wasn't good for martial artists to be greedy with the hope to master various kinds of weapons at the same time. Moreover, if Zen started to practice the spear, he would have to temper himself to comprehend the spear intent starting from scratch. That was something he certainly didn't want to do.

However, when Amber heard what Lavender had said, she felt differently.

It was impossible for any of the three queens of the Demon Night to pass down their secret techniques to others. The other two queens of the Demon Night wouldn't be able to master Lavender's unique technique either. But it seemed to Amber that the queen didn't mind teaching an outsider the unique technique of the Demon Night.

It was strange. And together with the broken statue she'd seen in the palace, Amber guessed that something must have happened in the Upper World.

Unfortunately, she couldn't figure out what it was. Amber might be a leader of the seventh-grade sacred place, but even after a Soul Sea Realm warrior like her ascended to the Upper World, she was still nothing in the Demon Night in the Upper World. At most, she could only be considered the leader of a squad.

As for the battle between the queens, Amber wasn't qualified to get involved, unless she could grow and become a master of the Demon Night in the Upper World.

Amber had already taken the test on the Talent Tablet and managed to get her name listed on the second row. Although such an achievement was extraordinary in the Sea God Continent, it was nothing in the Upper World.

Back when she'd taken the test in the Talent Tablet, five names had ranked above hers. Now, two more names had appeared above hers: Zen and Yolande. Although Amber wasn't in the Tower of Sin, many of the sacred places had their spies travel between the sacred places and the Tower of Sin to monitor every move in the Tower of Sin and bring back every piece of information.

So of course, Amber already knew that Zen had kicked two ogre war sages out of the Tower of Sin in an instant.

The human kid in front of her was someone to be reckoned with. If Zen had the ability to kick any living creature out of the Tower of Sin, then he was technically the controller of

Heavenly Feather Sacred Place was to argue with the queen who was in charge of the punishment. However, Zen hadn't come here in vain. He had obtained a top-grade sacred weapon and replaced the two crystals in his arms.

Two days later, Zen left the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place together with Esther and Cheryl. They were headed to the Tower of Sin once again.

During these two days, Amber had clearly indicated to Zen that if he wanted to wipe out the ogres from the Tower of Sin, the Demon Night would do everything in their power to help.

The ogre race was not a friendly race. They were born killers and were very violent, which was the complete opposite of the Demon Night, who loved peace and order. Moreover, whether it was in the Tower of Sin or in the God Sea Continent, the ogres always acted against the Demon Night. It was only after Amber had led the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place to power that the ogres had begun restraining themselves.

If there was an opportunity to get rid of the ogres, Amber would definitely not let it go. As a powerful master at the Soul Sea Realm and the leader of the Demon Night, Amber would not show mercy to the ogres. This was what the world was like. To be kind to her enemies was to be cruel to herself.

After passing through the transmission array, Zen once again returned to the Tower of Sin.

The two gates of the Tower of Sin that had been smashed by the ogre war sages had already been repaired.

Before Zen had left, the only warriors who had known about what had happened on the tenth floor had been the warriors who had witnessed it. However, in the few days that Zen had spent in the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place, the news of how Zen had defeated the ogre war sages had spread through all the floors in the Tower of Sin.

All the creatures already knew what had happened that day. No one knew who had spread this information or whether it had been spread intentionally. However, during this period of time, the ogres in the Tower of Sin had indeed restrained themselves quite a bit.

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