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   Chapter 876 Chess Piece (Part Three)

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In the Central Region, low-grade sacred weapons were already extremely rare, but not in the Sea God Continent. So when the ogres intended to use ten sacred weapons in exchange for Zen's life in the Tower of Sin, Fabian had immediately refused it.

They traveled from the top to the bottom. After passing through a huge root of the holy tree, Zen finally arrived at the Demon Night's treasure house.

Zen couldn't help but sigh emotionally as he entered the treasure house.

A huge luminous pearl stood at the center of the treasure house, emitting a gentle light. Over a dozen long swords were inserted around this pearl.

All of these treasures were sacred weapons.

"My Queen, the best weapon in our Heavenly Feather Sacred Place is a weapon that is at the top-grade of the sacred level," Amber said as a way of introduction.

"Let me have a look," Lavender said flatly.

Amber nodded, bringing Zen and Lavender to the back of the luminous pearl. She extended a hand and gently pulled out a long box from the ground. She opened it and pulled out a long sword from it.

The sword was light golden in color and its blade shone with a quaint light that made it look like a vintage article.

"This treasured sword at the top-grade of sacred level was obtained from the Dark Nether Cave. I am not proficient in using a sword, which is why I sealed it here," said Amber.

"It's a great sword!" Zen exclaimed, his eyes lighting up in pleasant surprise.

What kind of opportunities did the Dark Nether Cave have for a weapon at the top-grade of the sacred level to have originated there?

Lavender looked at the sword indifferently. After a moment, she stretched out one of her slender fingers.

Amber held the long

"This spear is the best in the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place. Please have a look," Amber said as she handed the spear to Lavender.

This spear was of a grade that was inferior to that of Zen's sword. It was not at a low grade but at the middle-grade of the sacred level.

Lavender reached out to hold the silver spear in her hand and looked it over. Finally, she thrust the spear into the air.

A wave of energy burst out, crackling through the air.

Not only did the energy wave frighten Zen, it stunned even Amber who was at the Soul Sea Realm.

Even though Lavender was just Zen's sword spirit, her strength had grown along with that of the spirit's master.

And though the sword spirit's cultivation base couldn't be graded, it just might be on par with Zen's cultivation, even a little lower than his.

Lavender's spear strike could not hurt Amber since she was at the Soul Sea Realm. But right now, Amber was unable to comprehend the spear intent and momentum that Lavender had mastered.

After all, Lavender's cultivation base was very high, far more than this, and what she had comprehended was far beyond what Amber could reach.

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