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   Chapter 875 Chess Piece (Part Two)

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"Help me kill Eddie?" Zen's eyebrows shot up.

Lavender's suggestion was worth giving a shot to.

Eddie's cultivation base was at the Life and Death Realm, and he had only been through three life and death crises.

His strength might probably only be equivalent to that of a third-level war sage.

There were at least a million third-level war sages in the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place alone. Even though Eddie was much stronger than a normal war sage, there were still Soul Sea Realm masters like Amber in the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place.

With their combined strength, they could easily kill Eddie.

If Zen were to bring this group of members from the Demon Night's sacred place back to the Central Region, he would be able to defeat every sect in the Central Region.

The difference between a sacred place and a fifth-grade sect was very great. But the gap between an ordinary sect and the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place was even greater because the latter was a seventh-grade sacred place.

Zen still shook his head, his eyes determined. "Eddie has already become an obstacle of my warrior spirit. As for this obstacle, I'll have to deal with him myself!"

Although the warrior spirit could not increase a warrior's combat strength, it was still undeniably important for a warrior. If Zen's warrior spirit didn't move on smoothly, it would gradually overcome him with depression and despair. It would, in the end, become his inner spirit demon and the biggest obstacle of his whole life.

This kind of hindrance would prevent Zen's cultivation from progressing at best and cause him to go wrong in his martial arts cultivation and spiral into madness at critical moments at worst.

Back when Eddie had turned into a giant face above the Cloud Sect, Zen had sworn to himself that he would take Eddie's life

rds. This woman was too scary. Once she developed a grudge against someone, she would not stop working against her enemy until her enemy had been killed.

Amber and the rest, on the other hand, had fear and trepidation writ large on their faces, seemingly at a loss of what to do.

Lavender walked calmly in front and Zen followed her. The senior leaders of the Demon Night followed closely behind.

This Demon Night queen's behavior with the Demon Night members was completely different from her behavior with Zen.

The huge holy tree was hollowed out in the middle, inside which was a hundred-story palace.

Amber led Zen into the Demon Night sacred place's treasure house to pick out a weapon.

The sword of the Blood Fiend Emperor was huge and powerful, but it wasn't at too high a level. What was more, when Lavender had fought with Cheryl in the Tower of Sin, Cheryl had grabbed her sword, leaving several deep grooves on it. It could be used appropriately but it also could break at any point in time. So Lavender needed to choose a new weapon now.

The number of resources and treasures that a seventh-grade sacred place had far exceeded those that the Cloud Hall and the Ethereal Spirit Sect had.

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